15 Signs of True Love in a Relationship

true love in relationship
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Most couples know what defines a good relationship. Some of them understand that the qualities of a partner will determine whether or not the relationship will last. Others acknowledge the role of effort, consistency, and sincerity when making a relationship grow. While they’re halfway through a long-lasting partnership, many of them have one thing in common: they can’t recognize the presence or the absence of true love and how this awareness can make or break a relationship. How about you? Do you know if the love you have for your partner fits the definition of “true love?”

This article enumerates the 15 signs of true love in a relationship and how to recognize them.


1. They know the deepest part of you.

It’s true love when there is an openness and you know the deepest part about each other. What makes your partner genuinely happy? What hurts them the most? What is their worst fear? Only by knowing these things, you get to love someone deeply and truly.

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2. There is trust in the relationship.

In relation to the first section, the only way to know someone and to get someone to open up is through trust. True love only happens when couples know that they can trust each other with the truth, especially a truth that you are hesitant to show the world. Trust also helps people overcome the fear of hiding their true self because they’re afraid that their real self may, either be not enough or maybe too much for their partner.

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3. They understand your struggles.

True love does not only give us the trust and the openness to get to know our partner better. It also helps us understand their struggles and what motivates them to keep going. Understanding one’s motivations also leads us to a sincere appreciation for that person. That’s what true love also teaches us: recognizing someone’s effort to live life and not give up.

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4. There is respect in the relationship.

It’s true love when couples understand the value of respect. Respect in a relationship can come in different forms. For one, it means letting your partner voice out their opinion about things. Another example is letting your partner practice their religion, whether or not you subscribe to the same faith. Respect also means acknowledging the physical and emotional boundaries that they set.

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5. They help you see the value of self-love.

It’s true love when you are with a person who makes you realize the importance of loving yourself. You know you’re with the right person when you are given the space and opportunity to take care of yourself. Self-love is one of the purest products of true love. Relationships don’t always have to be about being in love and romantically being connected to another person. They should also be about finding one’s self and building that sense of appreciation of one’s worth.

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6. They understand your priorities.

Prioritizing is one of the hardest things to discuss in a relationship. In the presence of true love, knowing your partner’s priorities and respecting them comes easy. True love understands that sometimes, your partner needs to focus on her career or her family. Sometimes, studies come before the relationship. And it’s okay. Because you know that in the end, you’ll be together. Eventually, you’ll be each other’s number one.


7. They recognize your strengths.

True love allows couples to see the strengths of their partners. This perspective helps them encourage each other to focus on these strengths and use them to become the best version of themselves. It does not only mean becoming a better partner. It also means using these strengths to advance in life, in their career, their studies, and their relationships with the community.


8. There is no room for doubt in the relationship.

It’s true love when you don’t worry about doubts weakening the relationship. Often, doubt will slowly weaken a couple’s foundation until it eventually takes over and destroys the relationship. Fortunately, couples who truly love each other can recognize the signs of doubts early on and they can work together to fix it.

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9. They help you overcome your weaknesses.

Aside from recognizing and taking advantage of each other’s strengths, true love will help people overcome their weaknesses by guiding each other’s growth. True love inspires and encourages couples to acknowledge and work on the bad things and habits that they’re falling into.

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10. There is security in the relationship.

It’s true love when there are no insecurities in the relationship. Feelings of insecurities often result in jealousy, bitterness, anger, and frustration. Couples who truly love each other always feel secure. They know that what they have is real and no doubt or instability can destroy their love for each other.

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11. They value the relationships that matter to you.

It’s true love when couples understand that romantic love is not the only important form of love. Couples who truly love each other understand that these forms of love and the relationships that they form, matter too. In the absence of true love, partners feel that they have to compete with other people who are part of their partner’s life. Some even focus solely on their partner just to show their dedication and loyalty. True love allows individuals to not feel guilty about spending time and being happy with their friends and family.


12. They inspire you to pursue your life’s desires.

In connection to the previous item, true love is neither jealous nor possessive. True love understands the value of connecting with other people and the freedom of pursuing one’s goals. Instead of demanding your partner to focus on your relationship, you encourage them to look outside of it and explore the potentials for self-growth. True love knows that their life should not revolve around their relationship. It should be more about pursuing one’s desires, becoming one’s best self, and sharing this ultimate version of yourself with the person you love.


13. They make you feel secure.

True love will allow you to fly and explore the world and life while knowing that you have a home to come back to. True love makes you feel secure because you know that you have a supportive and understanding partner who won’t hold you back. You know you have someone who will consistently and selflessly stay with you as you journey through life.

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14. They make it easy to love and be loved.

It’s true love when loving that person is effortless and light. At the same time, you know that you’re with someone who truly loves you when they feel the same way. Most importantly, love doesn’t have to hurt. It doesn’t have to be difficult. True love makes everything easy and calm. It makes you feel that you are in the right place and with the right person.


15. They make you look forward to the future.

Finally, the last sign of true love is when you are excited about the future. You do not only look forward to your life together but you also look forward to the person that you’ll become. It’s true love when you can’t wait for tomorrow because you know that every day, you’ll wake up knowing that you are in for a happy and beautiful life with the people who matter to you.


Hopefully, this article pointed you in the right direction and helped you recognize the presence or the absence of true love in your relationship. Whatever you learned from this list should be used to help grow your relationship and direct it to the right path. Good luck and be happy!

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