How to Build Trust in a Relationship: 14 Effective Tips

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One of the most important foundations of every relationship is trust. Aside from strengthening a couple’s bond, it also allows relationships to grow and take on more challenging milestones. Trust is a quality that keeps the relationship together when everything around it seems so blurry and chaotic. Trust can be a guiding light when couples are on the roughest and darkest path. If you’re new to your relationship and still trying to build your foundation, this article can help make sure that you’re taking the proper first steps to trust and be trusted.

Here are some tips on how to build trust in a relationship.


1. Let them experience what makes you, you.

The first step to building trust in your relationship is in letting your partner experience what it means to be with someone like you. What makes you, you? The question may seem simple but words may not be enough. The only way to answer this is through expressions, actions, and consistency. Your partner will trust you more if you are consistent with how you present yourself and how open you are to showing them the true you.


2. Establish boundaries in your relationship.

Trust comes when you can have the freedom to be your own person and to do things on your own. Trust is present when you are not guilty about setting aside time and space for yourself. Opening up to another person and sharing your life with them are parts of being in a relationship. However, it doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to set boundaries. After all, you are two different individuals. Not all things have to be shared, and it’s okay.


3. Be patient and let them open up on their own.

In relation to the previous section on setting boundaries, you should also know how to wait for your partner to get comfortable to open up. Give them time to feel secure and safe, especially if you are new to the relationship. Trust is earned and is given when someone deserves it. Make them feel that you’re worth their trust.

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4. Make sure that you’re listening.

Once they finally decide to open up, make sure you’re listening. For some people, trusting someone takes a tremendous amount of courage. Don’t make them feel that their effort means nothing. Appreciate their courage to finally let you in. Additionally, show them that doing so can make a big difference in your relationship.

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5. Be genuine in everything and value their sincerity.

Sincerely listening to them is just one of the many ways to build trust in your relationship. Another tip that will improve trust between you and your partner is by being genuine in everything that you do for them. Trust is developed when they see that your actions and words are something that comes from the heart. They know that the intentions behind these things are from a place of love and care. They understand that they are sincerely given, without you expecting anything in return.


6. Earn their trust by being communicative and transparent.

Fights and misunderstandings are normal in any relationship. Earn their trust by solving things together through open communication. Let them know the real you and how you handle situations through honest words and genuine actions. Be expressive, communicative, and transparent. Building trust in a relationship requires couples to face painful truths and often hurtful honesty. It may be tough but can be rewarding in the end. It’s best to solve differences early on to avoid future resentments.

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7. Acknowledge your flaws and work on them.

Once you’re done talking about these differences and shortcomings, work on becoming better. Acknowledging your flaws and taking the actions to change will make your partner feel that you want your relationship to work. Trust is developed when there is a promise of better days and a better relationship.


8. Make them feel that you can be their strength.

Be that someone whom your partner trusts, especially during the worst days. Make them feel that you can be their strength. Be their shoulder to cry on. In the face of failure or defeat, lift them up and make them realize that they are not alone, through the good and the bad times. Going through tough times together not only builds trust in the relationship. It also strengthens your bond as a couple.


9. Respect connections outside of your relationship.

Trust is earned when your partner feels free to establish connections and friendships outside of your relationship. There is also trust present when you feel secure that your partner will never betray you for someone else. When someone is too possessive and overprotective, it makes the other person feel that their partner doesn’t trust them. Healthy relationships know very well how to respect these connections.

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10. Do what you say and be true to your words.

Trust is earned when you are consistent, in terms of words and actions. It’s easy to promise things and commit to something but what really matters is what comes after those declarations. Your partner will trust you more if you are a person of your word. This will also prevent doubts in your relationship because you know that everything you do and say is sincere and true.


11. Pursue growth in your relationship.

Growth requires a higher level of trust in a relationship. When you’ve finally trusted someone to spend your life with, you should also work on growing together. Trusting someone is a form of promise. A promise to share your life with them no matter what. However, to trust is an everyday choice. You have to be consistent and worthy of trust by continually growing and becoming better.

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12. Believe in your relationship and your commitment.

Trusting is believing that your relationship can make it. Building trust means believing in yourself and in what you have as a couple. Make your partner feel that you’ll do everything in your power just to make it work. Let them see how they can trust you with their faith and their loyalty by doing your part to save the relationship. This is important especially if the challenges of life get in the way of your relationship.


13. Trust them with all your heart and show it.

Aside from trying to earn their trust, they also have to know and feel that you trust them. Show them how you are willing to be vulnerable with them. Let them see your weaknesses and celebrate your strengths with them. If your partner knows that you trust them, they’ll see how easy and important it is to do the same. Because you both know that you are in a safe space, away from the hurt and judgment of the world.


14. Truly love them.

Last and the most important of all is to truly love them, without doubts, hesitations, insecurities, and fear. True love is a very important foundation of trust. Loving someone truly and deeply means trusting them with all you are, through thick and thin, in sickness and in health.


Final thoughts

Building trust in a relationship is a process that you have to go through together. While it is hard and takes a long time to build, it can be easily toppled down if the foundation of your relationship is weak. Aside from trust, you also have to make sure to overcome doubts in your relationship. It’s also important to feel secure, as a partner and as a person.

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