18 Powerful Characteristics of True Love

characteristics of true love
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Are you in love right now? If yes, how sure are you that it’s true love? And if you have not found it yet, how can you evaluate true love from superficial love?

Well, true love is not only between two people who share an intimate romantic relationship. It also exists in families, friendships, and above all – between human beings and God.

Since there are many definitions, I have compiled 18 powerful characteristics of true love. Please read on and discover what it is all about.


1. True love is not selfish.

Selflessness is one of the characteristics of true love. It means putting the needs of others before your own. You no longer fulfill your self-centered desires. Instead, you and your loved one work on a common goal. In other words, when you value people and genuinely care for them while putting aside your self-interests, you love them truly.


2. True love is unconditional.

You may set limitations and conditions to give someone protection. But you do not set conditions to give someone love. Giving genuine love is not conditional. You love the person without expecting something in return. You just fill your heart with gratitude.

Being with that person and seeing him/her happy already means a lot. However, loving someone unconditionally is never easy. It is our human nature to expect affection, attention, or love in return.

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3. True love is the absence of fear.

There are other negative emotions associated with fear. Some of these are fear of losing someone, fear of hurting the person you love, fear of making wrong decisions, and so on. As a result, your relationship with him/her becomes despairing and complicated.

But when there is true love, there is no room for fear to exist. You always feel safe and secure knowing you can overcome whatever challenges that may come your way.

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4. True love is more than just a feeling; it is an action.

People often define true love as an intense feeling. But what would happen if that feeling goes away? Would you still say that you’re genuinely in love?

True love is dynamic. When you deeply love a person, your actions should be evident. The best way to let him/her know is by demonstrating it.

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5. True love is similar to empathy.

Empathy is putting yourself into someone else’s shoes. By doing this, you understand the person’s feelings and situation.

Certainly, when there is true love, empathy is noticeable. You don’t want to hurt the people you love. When they are in pain, you are also suffering. As much as possible, you want them to be happy and be in good cheer.


6. True love accepts and understands.

Diversity is part of this world. We all have different opinions, personalities, and perspectives in life. It is not right to judge someone based on his/her flaws. That is why it is crucial to have acceptance and understanding. You can do this by embracing not just their admirable traits, but their not-so-good qualities too.

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7. True love is simply natural.

When you are head over heels for someone, everything appears natural and effortless. You don’t need to force someone to love you and vice versa. Likewise, you don’t need to spice things up to feel true love. It is a normal feeling you have, and even present in the simplest things you do together.


8. True love cannot stay angry.

Although disagreements are inevitable among couples, you just cannot stay angry when there is true love. At the end of the day, you should still be willing to listen and accept feedback from your partner.


9. True love is enduring.

An enduring love lasts a lifetime. When time gets tough in your relationship with someone, you can stand firm. When there are conflicts, you discuss them with openness and respect. Fighting against each other should not be the matter. It is about fighting for each other instead.


10. True love is persevering.

Perseverance is the ability not to give up even if hindered by obstacles and distraction. True love perseveres through hard times, mainly when misunderstandings, pains, and uncertainties happen.


11. True love heals and forgives.

No matter how deep the wounds in the past, true love can heal those painful experiences. Forgiving the people who caused the pain is also part of the healing process.

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12. True love leads to happiness.

The feeling of being in love makes you feel good. You’re happy being with that person. This kind of happiness doesn’t come solely from the union itself. It does not depend on circumstances too. Instead, it may come from different forms.

When there is true love, you are happy for each other. His/her success is your victory too. You celebrate and inspire each other.

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13. True love is not tedious.

You will never get bored being with the person you love. His/her presence excites you. Whether you are doing nothing or busy with some chores, there is no dull moment.

As long as you are with your true love, you have more reasons to be excited about what tomorrow may bring. It doesn’t matter whether you are in a bad situation or not. It gives you security knowing that you have someone to lean on in times of hardship. You are ready to face the world because somebody is there during the ups and downs in life.


14. True love is not manipulative and possessive.

True love encompasses nonthreatening and noncontrolling behaviors. You don’t try to manipulate the situation. Remember, you don’t own the person. Thus, jealousy should have no room in your relationship because true love does not involve possession.


15. True love is having mutual respect.

It is easier to sustain true love when there is respect. Give the person you love space for personal growth. Beware when you are already overstepping boundaries. Consider his/her privacy, needs, interests, opinions, and beliefs. Despite this, do not forget your welfare and demands.

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16. True love is completely loyal and faithful.

Faithfulness and loyalty strengthen the intimacy level of your relationship with the person you love. They also bring emotional stability between you and your partner.


17. True love is honest.

Most of the time, it is hard to trust a person when there is no honesty. Duplicity and deception are visible when someone is not truthful toward his/her life partner. This scenario is also noticeable in other types of relationships, such as family and friendship. As a result, a great disservice might occur to the relationship and the people involved.

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18. True love means trusting the person.

Trust is the most basic substance of true love. It helps make the relationship healthy and stable. Always trust the person you love as you equally trust yourself.


Is it True Love or Not?

Some individuals have associated true love with infatuation and obsession. Genuine love is different from these emotions. Infatuation is a short-lived passion while obsession is a compulsive fixation with someone or something.

You can characterize true love by the actions mentioned above. Though there are several things you should do for it to thrive, money can’t buy it. Without a doubt, it is one of the priceless things in the world that most people desire to have in life.

So, are you indeed experiencing true love or not?

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