16 Fulfilling Ways to be Content in a Relationship

contentment in relationship
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There’s just something about happy couples that when you look at them, you just know. Regardless of age, gender, race, and demographics, the glow of being in a requited love is beaming, speaking volumes of bliss and contentment.

The question is, how do these couples maintain a happy relationship? It is not about luck or fate. People who can be together for years and still find themselves falling for each other have figured out that they need hard work and commitment, which come in many forms. The following are some fulfilling ways to be content in a relationship:


1. Be realistic with your view of a committed relationship.

First of all, it is important to recognize that the honeymoon stage is only temporary. Being crazy about your partner as if the world revolves around them will eventually die down. And that is totally normal. If you want to be in a long-term relationship, you must expect that you will reach a plateau stage where it won’t be romantic all the time.


2. Work on it.

Things that are left untended could die of natural death, which also happens with relationships. This is why it is always a decision to stay with someone you love. Remember, being in love is not enough reason to hold on. You have to work on it, address the issues right away, and choose to stick with the person, every single day. Letting things happen naturally is a common misconception that leads to a bland relationship.


3. Make time for each other.

It is healthy to be busy with your own lives as you focus on your separate careers, but it is also important that you never lose some quality time together. This is a way to maintain a strong bond that can make things light for both of you. After all, a partner should be that one person who would make you feel that with all the stress at work or life in general, you have a safe, comforting place to run to.


4. But also spend some time apart.

While it is necessary to make time for each other, it is equally good to make room for separateness. A healthy relationship is not possessive and demanding. You have to allow your partner to have their own activities and social life. They should be able to have fun without you or without you making them feel guilty about it.


5. Encourage growth.

To be content in a relationship, you must think of what’s best for your significant other. You should inspire each other to reach for your dreams. It is rewarding to see yourselves growing day by day together, despite the challenges that come in between. You should also be able to follow a path you want for your growth, even when that means you have to be physically apart.

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6. Appreciate your differences.

If you have been with the person for quite some time, there may be days when your differences take a toll on the relationship. They irritate you and make you feel that you just can’t stand someone who is the exact opposite of you. But if you want to choose your partner over and over, then you have to appreciate the little things that make you different from each other. Take it as an opportunity to balance the relationship and make you a good team.


7. Do not ask your partner to change.

Your partner should have the freedom to be who they are and be comfortable to show their natural selves around you. If they have qualities you do not like, you should not compel them to change for you or the relationship. The decision should come from no one else but them alone.


8. Accept that you cannot agree all the time.

Sometimes, it helps to agree to disagree instead of spending too much energy on an issue that cannot be solved. You have to compromise and make it fair for both of you. Happy couples do not always have the same views and ideas, but they know how to work through them by weighing things out and choosing the right battle.

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9. Be open about how you feel.

One of the common reasons that break a good relationship is the lack of communication. Some people tend to not speak up but they expect their partners would understand their emotions. Do not assume that your partner is a mind reader. Learn to communicate your worries and at the same time, listen to them when they do the same.


10. Be honest.

A relationship should make you feel comfortable about expressing your feelings, even when you think your partner would not like it. This is a way to maintain your trust in each other. Remember that broken trust destroys a good relationship. It may even take years to re-establish it. So, make honesty as natural as breathing. Always speak the truth.

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11. Do not take your relationship for granted.

Your partner is the closest person to you, so it is only essential to treat them right. This requires you to respect them, regardless of circumstances. You should also make them feel important, especially on days when the world becomes unbearable for them. Be there for your partner. And when you tell them you love them, make sure that you truly mean it.


12. Always choose to be happy.

Indeed, happiness is a choice. But this does not work in a way where you just tell yourself to be happy and you’d instantly become one. The idea suggests that you have to do things that you find bliss with, focus on them, and do not dwell on those that do not matter. It requires a process that should teach you to appreciate the little moments in life.

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13. Do not forget to have fun.

Your goals should include staying in a serious relationship where you can laugh at petty things and find enjoyment in the simple stuff. You and your partner should be able to establish a kind of bond that makes you feel young and light — giggling and being playful together. This is also a good way to strengthen your companionship. You may be adults, but do not let life dull your heart.


14. Focus more on the good side.

Although you should make an effort to understand and fix the bad side, you should be more appreciative of all the beautiful things that revolve around the relationship. Do not let the negativity overpower the factors that make you a good match. Thank your partner for loving you. Do not forget to be grateful for being with a person who cares for you.

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15. Stop making a big deal out of anything.

Not all issues deserve your energy, especially those that do not serve your relationship. Taking things personally only creates problems that are not supposed to be happening.


16. Value yourself.

You cannot achieve a happy, satisfying relationship if you do not know your worth and prioritize your individuality. Before you commit yourself to someone, make sure you are whole so you would not be looking for your missing pieces in others.


Of course, every relationship has its own dynamics. But these secrets should serve as your guide to be grateful in your relationship, work on it, and be a better partner despite the odds of love.

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