What Does True Love Feel Like? 15 Feelings You Get when It’s Real

Feeling true love
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True love is so special and most of the time, unfamiliar. Most people who experience it believe that the English language does not yet have an exact word for that feeling of elation, peace, and freedom. It does not have the perfect word to describe the moments of being with that one-in-a-million soul. The soul that would change your world forever. Most people who have felt it in their relationship can only describe true love through imagery and glimpses of both seemingly mundane and magical experiences.

So what does true love feel like? How does it feel when you’re touched by the power of true love? Here are the feelings you get when it’s real.


1. True love feels like a burst of colors.

When you first experience true love, it’s like an explosion of colors and hues. It’s like a sudden shift of view from a black-and-white existence burdened by everyday living to a spectrum of palette and vibrancy of life. True love makes you feel more alive. It opens your eyes to see the world from a different light.

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2. True love feels like a boost of good energy.

Aside from making you see life from a more vibrant perspective, true love feels like a boost of good energy. Energy to allow you to achieve the goals that you set for yourself and for your relationship. It can be about finally having the courage to grab that career opportunity. It can also come in the form of finally having the discipline to follow a good meal plan and workout schedule.


3. True love feels like a voice that says “you can do it!”

The same energy can also inspire you to take on new hobbies and productive ventures. True love will tell you to overcome your fears and self-doubt. It will help you realize that you should not be afraid to be ambitious and aim high. Aside from giving you the courage to pursue the things you love, it will give you the assurance that if you fail, you’ll always have a shoulder to lean on. You’ll always have a place to rest and recover and bounce back.


4. True love feels like a good cup of coffee.

Aside from being your source of positive energy, true love feels like a good cup of coffee that you enjoy before you start your day. True love gives you time to stop, reflect, and plan your day while enjoying a warm dose of goodness before you face the day.

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5. True love feels like a sweet Sunday morning.

True love feels like waking up to the sweet sound of “good mornings” on Sundays. It feels like pancakes and eggs for breakfast while listening to music or reading poetry. True love will always give you that time and space to breathe and just feel loved. Spending precious moments with your partner on the quietest, most sacred, and most intimate day of the week is just priceless.


6. True love feels like calm waters.

True love is like floating on calm waters—especially if you don’t know how to swim. It helps you trust yourself and the environment and people around you. It helps you overcome your fear of drowning because you know that you are safe. You know that someone is watching over you and will be willing to jump in the water and save you.


7. True love feels like forgiveness.

True love reminds you to be more kind to yourself. It shows you that you are dearly loved and you deserve forgiveness. Forgive yourself for all the mistakes that you made in the past when you were still learning. It also teaches you the sincerity to learn from your past and work on becoming a better person.

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8. True love feels like second chances.

After you forgive yourself, true love will hold your hand and finally give you a second chance to be happy again. It gives you the assurance that you deserve that chance to change and become a better partner, a better friend, and a better human being.


9. True love feels like a lullaby on sleepless nights.

True love is your constant comfort especially on nights when you’re just too scared to face tomorrow. It hugs you and holds your hands when you feel like you’re too tired but too scared to fall asleep. It reminds you of the promises of tomorrow and how having the courage to face every day has its rewards.


10. True love feels like a soft bed after a long day.

True love is a warm, cozy bed after a long day. It’s a peaceful place where you can just be yourself and forget the worries of life. Being with that very special person is just purely divine that they can transform an ordinary space into a place where you can lie down, close your eyes, and just breathe.


11. True love feels like serenity amidst the chaos.

True love calms you down, especially in situations wherein you feel like you’re being caught inside a storm of confusion, anger, and doubts. This kind of love holds you tight and whispers to you assurances that better days will come. It will remind you to hold on, to not give up and give in, and just let the storm pass.


12. True love feels like a cup of hot choco on a stormy day.

Amidst the chaos and the looming fear on a stormy day, love will be your cup of hot choco: a sip or two will serve as a warm blanket and a hint of the sweet, soft feeling of being loved. It assures you, comforts you, and reminds you that life has more to offer, like the sweetness of chocolates, the warmth of hot water, and the peace of enjoying both.


13. True love feels like hope.

True love feels like the milli-second moment of the first glimpse of sunshine after a stormy day. It’s the soft sound of wind chimes when the skies finally calm down. It’s a ray of hope after a long, gloomy day of dark clouds. It’s the hope that tells you to get up, go out, and seize the day.

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14. True love feels like freedom.

True love gives you the freedom to explore and discover new things about life, about yourself, and about other people. It gives you the courage to just be out there and learn new things. It gives you the strength to finally spread your wings and fly high, fly free.


15. True love feels like home.

True love reminds you that wherever the wind takes you, however high you fly and soar through skies, you’ll always have a place to come home to. You’ll always have a place to call your home, a home where you can love and feel loved. It will remind you that it’s okay to explore life, discover yourself, and connect to the world and the people around you. It will make you feel assured, secured, and at peace, that they’ll always stand by your side, come what may.


Final thoughts

Meeting someone who will remind you of what true love feels like can be the most unforgettable, most precious moment of your life so make sure you embrace it with an open heart. Hopefully, when you meet that person, you can add more to this list. If you think you are already in the presence of this very special soul, then make sure that you are giving them the love, care, and devotion that they deserve.

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