12 Helpful Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Trust You

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Are looking for helpful ways not only to bring back a broken trust but also to make your girlfriend trust you even more? Have you been dealing with trust issues lately?

Trust is usually granted, and you cannot force your girlfriend to give it to you. Though it can be lost in just a snap, it is hard to gain from others. Once it’s broken, it would be hard to rebuild and bring it back again.
Well, it is easy to tell your girl that she can trust you in the first place. But you cannot blame her if she won’t believe your words, especially if you keep on lying and doing suspicious things again and again. That is why it is crucial to back it up with sincere actions and behaviors.

You might have broken your girlfriend’s trust and don’t know how to reestablish or restore it. Or, if you are someone who has a newly-established relationship with your girlfriend and she doesn’t trust you fully yet, the following series of actions might be helpful.


1. Trust her first.

Do not expect that she will trust you if you are not doing it to her. This emotional brain state is something that is both given and received. If you show faith in her, perhaps she will trust you in return.

Hence, give her the benefit of the doubt. Learn to manage your jealousy and suspicions about your girlfriend, especially if there is nothing to be worried about.

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2. Be truthful.

It is easier to trust an honest person. The truth hurts sometimes. But it is better to be truthful than to lie and get caught. The pain caused by telling the truth is better than the feeling of being deceived or betrayed. Tell the truth and always be honest so that she can have the confidence to believe in you.


3. Do not pretend.

Be open and candid before your girlfriend. Do not display a fake version of yourself just to please her. In short, act naturally without pretending to be the person you are not.


4. Show consistency.

Be consistent in your words and actions. Be as sweet and loving as you are, just like when you were still in the dating stage, and continue to demonstrate your genuine affection as your relationship progress. This is important for her to trust you constantly, and all other doubts will eventually vanish.


5. Be transparent.

So, why did you involve yourself with her in the first place? What is your ultimate purpose for making her your girlfriend? Are you serious about your relationship with her, or do you only treat her as one of the girlfriends you’ve had before? Are you seeing her as your future wife?

Show that your intentions are pure by making them clear to her. Be open to your feelings and thoughts toward her. Let your girl know from time to time that you are interested in a long-term relationship with her.

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6. Be genuine in your love and affection.

Express your love and affection without any pretension. Remind her of how much she means to you all the time. Do some favors for her and initiate to offer help. Try also to figure out her needs and how she wants to be loved by you. If she does not like the public display of affection, do not insist on it. Anyway, there are other ways on how to convey your care and love.

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7. Build healthy communication.

If she has doubts about you, discuss the concerns with her. This is because healthy communication can help erase any suspicion or uncertainty. If there are questions that need answers, explain your side. It is always better to clarify the whole story from you before she hears it from others.

In addition, let her know about what you are going through and the other way around. Honest communication builds trust. Listen actively to her sentiments. Gain her trust by not keeping anything secret.


8. Tell her about your life and secrets.

Let her know about your personal and social life. Introduce her to your family and friends. Get to know the people she loves too. Share your dreams and goals in life. As a result, she also might trust you with her ultimate aspirations.


9. Be cautious in making promises.

Your broken promises will make her think that she cannot trust you as a boyfriend. Thus, do not let her down by making promises that you can’t keep. Be a man of your word.


10. Say “sorry” for your mistakes.

It is hard to trust a person who does not even know how to admit his mistakes. That is why it is vital to apologize for your faults instead of making excuses to defend yourself. Start by being honest with your shortcomings. Then work on recompensing the damages you have done.

However, do not force her to forgive you if she is not yet ready for it. Give her enough time and space to decide.

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11. Practice patience.

It usually takes time to gain trust. And it is even harder to rebuild once it’s broken. Learn to be patient until your girlfriend is ready to trust you fully. When she has some trust issues, understand where she is coming from. Have the ability to see the situation from her viewpoint.

Instead of pressuring her to trust you, do your best to prove your sincerity by showing penitent behavior. Learn to wait and focus on showing her that you are trustworthy in your actions.

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12. Learn to trust yourself too.

Above all, you should grant trust to yourself before gaining it from your girlfriend. Women desire to have a boyfriend who is willing to do anything for them – no matter how difficult it is.

Thus, believe in yourself that it is not impossible to win her trust. Do this by exerting unrelenting efforts and perseverance. Be confident that you can pursue her heart.


Be Worthy of Her Trust – Do not Take It for Granted

Relationships are chaotic, and they come with real challenges. Do not be surprised if couples are struggling with trust issues.

We all fall short in our own deeds and actions. Nobody is good enough to say that they do not have flaws. When you commit mistakes, your behaviors toward proving that your girlfriend can really trust you may become inconsistent.

Do not merely focus on how to gain her trust. It is more important to walk in integrity, without being too desperate for it.

Any successful relationship needs trust. It is one of the vital elements for it to endure. Without it, I guess it would be better to end or cut your connection with your girlfriend because it can only become toxic. There is no sense to continue the relationship anyway.

Considering that trust can become a problem as the relationship with your girlfriend matures, learn to strengthen it by practicing all those helpful tips mentioned above. But this does not have to happen instantly. Yes, it would take time, but never give up. Be committed to developing and cultivating your character for her to trust you fully. And once you have it, value and hold it dearly.

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