15 Ways to Love Your Girlfriend in a Long Distance Relationship

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Are you currently in a long distance relationship with your girlfriend and don’t know how to keep the love alive? If yes, be glad because there are certain ways to love her – even if she’s miles away from you.

Being in a long distance relationship has many challenges. In fact, it does not always work for everyone. Although some relationships tend to succeed, most lovers can still experience breakups after months or years of being away from each other.

So how can you sustain the romance and love for your girlfriend in a long distance relationship? Is it possible not to get bored and lose the spark? What are the secrets of couples who have survived it?
Aside from telling her, “I love you”, here are 15 more ways to make her feel special and loved.


1. Trust her with all your heart.

There is a possibility for your girlfriend to be tempted when you are miles away from each other. Likewise, it can happen to you as well. That is why trust is vital to make the relationship going. Instead of being suspicious and doubtful about her faithfulness, why not choose to trust her fully?

The more you will need faith and trust because you won’t get to see her daily. If there is nothing to be worried about, let her know that you believe she will be loyal and faithful no matter what. This is one of the ways to demonstrate your love for her.

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2. Develop regular communication.

Make use of the technology to have a constant conversation with your partner. You can contact her regularly through phone calls, text messaging, or video chat. Ask her about how her day was. Listen attentively to what she has to say. Sending her voice messages is another romantic way to make her feel special too. All these will make her feel that you care.

However, maintain healthy communication with your girl without overplaying it. No matter how you miss each other, you still have to let her enjoy her “me time”. You can both set a particular schedule whenever you talk to each other.


3. Make her day sweet and romantic.

Display your creativity by composing a song or writing a love letter/poem for your girl. Send her “good morning” and “good night” messages. These will remind her that you keep on thinking about her.


4. Give her assurance about your love every day.

Say “I love you” every day. These words may seem common and overused, yet they mean much which can give her romantic excitement.


5. Send her a care package.

Send a package containing any of her best-loved items or food. This will bring comfort and happiness to your significant other. It can help ease her feelings of loneliness and longing to be with you – even if it’s just temporary.


6. Always remind her how much you miss her.

Remind her that she is always in your heart and mind. At the end of every phone/video call or text message, say “I miss you”.


7. Be loyal and faithful.

Loyalty and faithfulness are two essential elements for a long distance relationship to work. According to a phrase or an expression, “absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

That is why learn how to evade the traps that may lead you to commit any sin. There may be pains and temptations in your long distance relationship, but as long as you are loyal and faithful to your girlfriend, it is possible to avoid unwanted circumstances.

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8. Send her videos, photos, and memes.

Let her know your daily or weekly activities by sending her videos and photos. You can also tag her on sweet memes or inspiring videos about love.


9. Engage in digital or video dates.

You can go digital when it comes to dating. Take advantage of the internet and technology. See her and talk to each other through video chatting while eating, playing games, or visiting some beautiful places.


10. Have a surprise visit.

A surprise visit is always a good idea. Seeing each other face-to-face will surely make her happy. In fact, it will melt her heart knowing that you can find time just to be with her, and nothing could be more romantic than this.


11. Exercise patience.

The fact that you don’t get to see your girlfriend every day takes a lot of patience. The long span of waiting can make you restless and miserable – not to mention the personal and social dealings that both of you have.

While it is normal to get impatient at times, encourage yourself to enduringly wait. Be positive, knowing that you will get to see her one day.

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12. Consider “snail mail” and “open when letters”.

Focusing on the distance that separates the two of you can be despairing. That is why you have to find ways to keep the love vibrant and flourishing.

Aside from using gadgets and going online, you can choose the classic ways of conveying sweet messages. Let her feel your love by sending a “snail mail” or giving her “open when letters”.

Though it takes time, snail mail is a great opportunity to send personally handwritten romantic messages. But for faster delivery, you can use a graphic tablet or smartpen to capture your handwriting and send them via email.

Open when letters, on the other hand, can be given to her before you part ways. She can read them every time she needs encouragement and assurance of your love.


13. Buy “couple shirts” or “matching jewelry”.

Couple shirts and matching jewelry are popular with lovers. They signify the strong connection or bond of the two lovebirds. Whenever you wear the jewelry or shirt, you are reminded that even distance cannot separate her from your love.


14. Make plans about your future together.

Let your girlfriend know that you see a future with her. Do not feel awkward talking about the progress of your relationship with her. Tell your girl, “I am looking forward to being with you for the rest of my life.”

Aside from making plans about your future together, you can also discuss your next meeting or reunion. Outline the activities you will do together when the long wait is finally over.


15. Pray for her.

Never forget to include your girlfriend in your daily prayers. Praying for her is one of the most loving ways you can perform as a boyfriend. Though you cannot be there for her 24/7, embrace her with your prayers. Pray not only in times of crisis but when everything is going well too. By doing this, you invite God into your relationship and put Him at the center of it.

A mixture of bad and good things happens in every relationship. With the help of prayers, you allow God to move in your midst as a couple. Pray for protection, strength, joy, and all other concerns. Thank the Lord for bringing her into your life.


Despite the distance, keep the fire burning.

If you really love your girlfriend, you will find ways to exhibit your love for her. No matter how far the distance is, you will do anything to keep the relationship working.

Furthermore, having a long distance relationship with her requires a lot of courage, dedication, commitment, and trust. When all these surpass the distance, you can surely get through the challenges and struggles.

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