24 Simple Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

make girlfriend happy
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Making your dearest girlfriend happy doesn’t always need to be costly. As long as she loves you genuinely, your presence is already enough to make her glad. But as a loving boyfriend, would it be romantic to make an effort for her to smile and be delighted?

Well, you don’t always have to do appreciable things to put a smile on your girlfriend’s face. Sometimes, even the small things you give and the effortless actions you do can already make her heart joyful.

Here are 24 simple ways to make your girlfriend happy and feel special.


1. Know her interests.

Take time to know more about your girlfriend by acknowledging her interests. What are the things she likes the most, as well as those she hates? Do you have a list of the activities she enjoys doing? By recognizing her needs and wants, it would be easier to identify what are those that will make her happy.


2. Express your love through words.

One of the simplest ways to make your girlfriend happy is by telling her that you love her. Let her feel how extremely blessed you are for having her in your life.

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3. Spend quality time with her.

Find time to be with her despite your busy schedule. Enjoy each other’s company while doing things you both love. Aside from the usual routines, you do together, you may try new meaningful experiences as a couple too.


4. Be good to the people she loves.

It will indeed bring happiness to your girlfriend if you treat her family and friends nicely. As a boyfriend, it is essential to build relations with the people who are dear to her.


5. Make her laugh.

One of the qualities that many girls look for in an ideal man is a sense of humor. In fact, making her laugh is evidence of a happy relationship with her. Talk flippantly or humorously, tell jokes, and make funny faces.


6. Give her gifts.

You don’t need to give her costly gifts. For instance, buy your girlfriend’s favorite food to brighten up her day. You may also give her something she loves or collects, such as a keychain, mug, stuffed toy, etc.


7. Surprise her with something romantic once in a while.

Whether there is an occasion or not, it is important to surprise her from time to time. Set a romantic date, whether at home or outdoor. It can be a movie date, romantic dinner, or anything that could make your moment with her remarkable.


8. Give her flowers.

If your girlfriend simply loves flowers and is not allergic to them, give her a bouquet to make her happy. Don’t wait until it’s Valentine’s Day or her birthday to do this. Drop by at her workplace or home even during an ordinary day when there is no special celebration.


9. Listen to her.

Be sober when she is talking to you. Without a doubt, she will appreciate it when you are always willing to lend an ear to her acclaims and tirades.

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10. Accept blame and responsibility.

Let’s face it. We all mess up, and no one is qualified to be a perfect individual. For this reason, own up to your faults if you’ve made a mistake. Ask for an apology to ease her feelings of anger or sadness.

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11. Be her ultimate support system.

Cheer her up when she’s down and disappointed. Comfort her when she’s upset. Support her dreams and endeavors. Be there to celebrate with her in times of triumph.


12. Send her cute notes and sweet messages.

Be sweet to her by sending delightful messages over text or chat. You can also leave cute notes or create a love letter for her – even though others may find this style a bit old-fashioned.


13. Thank her.

Any act of gratitude means a lot to her. Thanking your special girl makes her feel appreciated for all the efforts she does for you.


14. Show respect.

Respect her opinions and views about life. She’ll be happy if you acknowledge her notions when it comes to decision-making. Learn to understand her feelings too. Whenever she needs privacy, never hesitate to give her space.

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15. Give her compliments.

Tell your girlfriend of the good qualities you admire about her – including her looks, skills, values, talents, and character. Make her happy by saying positive things about her personality.


16. Call her often on the phone.

Some girls just hate it when their boyfriends keep on checking on them. But other women love this kind of effort.


17. Cook for her.

You don’t have to study in a culinary school to learn some cooking skills and create a delicious meal. With the availability of the internet, it is easier to search for simple yet mouthwatering dishes.


18. Demonstrate loyalty.

As you can see, temptations are always lurking around. Let her know and feel that she is your “only girl” by not doing things that will make her doubt your love.


19. Be honest.

Avoid lying to your girlfriend for her to trust you. Be true to your actions and words. Do not be afraid of telling the truth, no matter how bad it is.

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20. Be mindful of her.

If you are with her, don’t focus your attention on your phone and other things. Enjoy your time with her. Pay attention if she needs encouragement for having a bad day or wants help with something.


21. Always lend a helping hand.

Your girlfriend will surely be tickled pink if you are there to offer help whenever she needs assistance. For instance, you can volunteer to do grocery shopping if she doesn’t have time for it. Or you can also help her with some construction work.


22. Treat her with extreme care and attention.

A happy girlfriend is pampered by her boyfriend. He treats her with special care like a princess. Give her a massage, take her out for a romantic dinner, or buy her an expensive perfume. Be reminded that even self-reliant women deserve any of these.

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23. Show some public display of affection (PDA) – but not too much.

Make your girlfriend happy by letting her know that you’re not ashamed of her. One way to do this is by holding her hand in public. Some other ways include giving her a backrub, kissing her hand while others see, and hugging her. You can show PDA without being too sensual.


24. Make compromises for her sake.

Sometimes, you need to make some compromises for her to understand how you value her. If you don’t like social gatherings yet she insists you to join her in an important get-together, make her happy by saying “yes”. Or, if you just want to spend the weekend at home but she wants to do some volunteer work, go with her.


Give her more reasons to be happy.

Your relationship with your girlfriend needs a lot of work to do. Nurture it to keep the connection fun and exciting. Besides, your investment of time and effort will be worth it in the end.

As a devoted boyfriend, you should continually prove to her that she chose the right man. Make her feel loved and special by cherishing the relationship you have with her. Anyway, it’s not that complicated to please a girl or woman. So, be that “someone” who will go the extra mile just to make her happy as a lark.

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