20 Romantic Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Love You More

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Are you in a relationship right now and don’t know how to take it to the next level? Do you struggle in expressing your love and affection because you’re not a romantic boyfriend? Are you looking for ways to make your girlfriend love you even more? What will you do if the sparks die?

There is no such thing as a “perfect relationship”. No matter how you love each other, you’ll still experience pitfalls. But all these ups and downs are necessary for keeping every relationship strong and mature.
Keeping your girlfriend in love also means that you’re not allowing her to slip away from your life.

So, if you are anxious about the possibility that she might fall out of love, try to learn these 20 romantic ways to make her love you more.


1. Know her ways of expressing and receiving love.

Identify how she desires to be loved. How does she actually express this emotional and mental state? What are the ways she prefers to be loved in return? Is it something to do with physical touch, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, or words of affirmation?

Once you know her own styles of demonstrating and accepting love, it is easier to make her feel loved. As a result, she’ll appreciate your efforts and love you back even more.

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2. Be a true gentleman.

Being a gentleman means treating her with respect and paying attention to her needs. No matter how independent your girl is, let her still feel that she is special. Hold the umbrella for her when you walk down the street on a rainy day. Open the door when she gets out of your car. Speak kindly to her and be gentle in your actions that might upset her.


3. Never take her for granted.

Don’t let her feel that she is not valued. Put her on the list of your priorities. Give her more reasons to be thankful for having you. Make your girl realize that she is right in choosing you as her boyfriend. When you do all these things, you’ll be surprised how she’ll reciprocate this love in return.


4. Embrace her imperfections.

Every girl or woman would desire to be loved not just for the admirable attributes they possess but for their not-so-good qualities too. Learn to embrace her humanness – including her weaknesses, nasty habits, unacceptable behaviors, and mood swings during her monthly period.


5. Make time for her – no matter how busy you are.

Some girlfriends require quality time with their boyfriends. Well, you don’t have to be there 24/7 just to prove to them that they matter. If your schedule is hectic, especially when you have demanding work and deadlines, it is still crucial to make time for her – even if it’s only for a short time.


6. Don’t show any pretension or hypocrisy.

Be true to your girlfriend. Do not pretend to be someone you are not just to please her. For instance, be honest if you can’t afford an expensive date in an exclusive restaurant. Making her happy does not have to burn a hole in your pocket. It is not all about the material things you give to her. What matters most are the meaningful memories you’ve shared. Thus, always be yourself.

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7. Display admiration by complimenting her.

Compliment her more by telling her how beautiful and admirable she is. Don’t just praise your girlfriend for her outward appearance. Give her an honest, genuine tribute for her praiseworthy characteristics.


8. Have better communication.

Your relationship with your girlfriend develops when you build better communication skills. When she’s mad at you, look for the perfect timing to address the problem and have a serious conversation about it. Sometimes, some compromises are needed to be made to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings.


9. Be imaginative in telling her about your love.

There are many ways to exhibit your love. You can leave her notes, send her a sweet text message before you sleep, or say the words personally to her.


10. Appreciate her – even in the simple things she does.

Do not ever forget to say “thank you” for everything she does for you. Say, “thank you for coming into my life”, or “I’m so happy to have you as my girlfriend.”


11. Do some favors for her.

Show how you care by doing some favors for her. If she needs a ride, do not hesitate to offer help. If she wants assistance in the kitchen, be there to help out. If she asks you to take her pet to the vet clinic, be willing to do it.


12. Be showy in demonstrating your affection.

One of the best ways to demonstrate your love for her is through actions. Show the world that you’re proud of your girlfriend. Hold her hand or kiss and hug her once in a while whenever you’re together. Just don’t be too much in showing your public display of affection. Don’t do it if she feels awkward about it.

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13. Reassure your love.

It is inevitable for her not to doubt your love at times, especially if it is a long-distance relationship. That is why you always need to prove to her that she is your “only girl”, and reassure her that no one can replace her from your heart.


14. Lend her your ear.

Earnestly listen when she’s talking and expressing her sentiments. Do not interrupt in the middle of her talks. Learn to understand what she’s trying to convey.

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15. Show support.

If she needs a shoulder to lean on, be there for her. Show support for her interests and ultimate goals in life. Be her number one cheerleader and motivator.


16. Respect her privacy.

No matter how protective you are toward her, it is still important for her to have a deep sense of independence. Give her the freedom to do things her way. Respect her privacy and personal time alone. When it comes to her private life, ask permission first before crossing the line.

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17. Be kind to her family and friends.

Would not it melt her heart if you are good to the people whom she loves the most? Of course, yes! So, learn to value them and build healthy relationships.

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18. Show empathy and understanding.

Sometimes, it’s hard to understand girls’ feelings and emotions. For this reason, one of the best gifts you could ever give to her is “understanding”. Try to be in her shoes when it seems to be impossible to understand her disposition and behavior.

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19. Empress her with your cooking skills.

Make her love you more by preparing a tasty and hearty meal. But if you don’t know how to cook, it would be nice to learn some cooking skills for her. She’ll definitely appreciate it.


20. Have fun and enjoy activities together.

Bring joy into the life of your girlfriend by doing things that you both enjoy. What are your common interests? Is it playing video games, exercising, water adventure, or nature tripping? Don’t just follow the usual things you do together. Dare to embark on memorable experiences outside your comfort zone.


Keep her love alive and stronger.

It is not difficult to keep your girlfriend in love with you. You don’t need to have a magic potion to make her love you more. She only returns the love she receives from you. When she feels secure and loved being with you, this love only grows deeper and stronger.

Moreover, never stop trying to be romantic and let it come from you naturally. If you are not this type of man, then it’s not a problem. Just follow those helpful tips that were mentioned above to add some romance and spice to your relationship.

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