11 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Loved

make girlfriend feel loved
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Behind those charming eyes and beautiful smiles hides an unpredictable mood ready to attack you. Girlfriends are lovely and cute, but some boyfriends sometimes think they can be a little scary. You never know what goes on inside their mind when you do something they do not like. You find it difficult to decode their thoughts and gestures, and you are left with questions about keeping her happy.

The female brain can be tricky, you assume. But if you know what makes your girlfriend feel loved, you would realize it is not too complex at all. It would not be that difficult to maintain a loving relationship. Of course, I understand that it is not always easy to figure out how to make them feel that they mean to you. Do not worry. You are on the right page. Listed below are some ways to show your girlfriend the love she deserves.


1. Speak out your love.

You might have done it a thousand times, but do not get fed up with telling your girlfriend how much you love her. It is one of the simplest and easiest ways to make her face beam with happiness. Do not forget to show her how you love her existence. Look at her straight in the eyes and be passionate about your affections.

If you are not physically together, you can call her in her free time or send a text message to make her feel that you are still there, sincerely loving from afar. These simple gestures could change a sad partner to a joyful, valued one.

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2. Try the cute notes style.

Writing on sticky notes and leaving them around to surprise your girlfriend may be too mushy, but who does not smile when they see one? You can write cute messages that could brighten up her day, such as “I am the luckiest for having you.” or “Hi, beautiful.” Yes, it does not have to sound profound. Besides, simple words are sometimes even much sweeter and heart-melting.

You can leave a note on her laptop before she leaves for work, and we’ll bet she will smile and feel giddy the moment she sees it in the office. You can also insert a paper with a short poem in her book. By leaving loving notes, you can make your girlfriend happy as she would feel you are the sweetest partner for thinking about her at random times.


3. Give her flowers or anything she loves.

I do not mean to be materialistic, but it is sweet to give your girlfriend a present once in a while, even without occasion. It does not have to be expensive. Even an affordable rose is enough to remind her that she is the most special person in your life.


4. Pamper her.

Your girlfriend may be an independent woman, but she would appreciate it if you take some time to pamper her and make her feel loved. Some women would not want their partners to know that they want it, but it is one of the things they long for.

So, dedicate at least a day for her to make her feel that you want to know that you think about their happiness, too. There are many ways to pamper your girlfriend. You can order or cook her favorite dish, book a spa session for her, or do other activities that will allow her to enjoy her time.


5. Let your girlfriend know that you are grateful for her.

Your partner is not just anyone in the world. She is your special someone, the person who brings you happiness. She must have done many beautiful things for you that have changed your life in good ways you never thought one could. This is why it is only right to recognize her for the effort she gives.

Big or small, do not forget to thank her for the things she does for you and the relationship. Remember, one of the best feelings is being noticed and appreciated, especially by the people you love.


6. Establish a good relationship with her friends and family.

Your girlfriend has important people in her life who bring joy to her being. Because you are already part of her world, it is only right to try to know them and create strong relations. She will definitely appreciate it. It could even strengthen your relationship as you become closer to each other.


7. Do not take hugs for granted.

Sometimes all we need is physical warmth and touch. Nothing is more comforting than being hugged by someone you love. It makes you feel safe as if nothing else can destroy you. Make it a habit to embrace your girlfriend even when you think she does not need it. There are days when you do not have to speak your feelings out. A big, sincere hug is more than enough.


8. Be respectful.

Anyone who knows how to respect women automatically becomes attractive. And this means all women, regardless of age, color, race, economic status, sexual orientation, etc. You cannot just choose who you want to be respectful with. Be consistent. If your girlfriend sees that good quality in you, she would feel secure with you.

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9. Understand your differences.

You and your girlfriend cannot always be on the same page. This means you have to respect her views, choices, and decisions. She has to see that she is being heard and valued even when you disagree. Do not make up your own conclusions. This way, your girlfriend would feel you truly love her because you care about her opinions.

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10. Really get to know her.

You may have a special connection with your girlfriend that it seems you have known each other for so long, but there are still facts about her that you ought to know. To make her feel loved, show her that you are interested in learning more about the world she revolves in, her childhood, the things she loves and hates, her dreams, and anything that makes her who she is.

This is a way to get even closer to her as you develop a sense of trust to open up. When your girlfriend feels you want to get to know her better, she will surely become happy and feel important.


11. Show who you truly are.

One way to build a strong foundation with your partner is to be true and honest from the beginning. Remember that once you start lying, you may get used to it until you ruin your girlfriend’s trust. Things may get worse, but the best you could do is tell her with complete truth. She will not only understand you, but she will also know that she has an honest partner.


Final thoughts

Every girl deserves someone who will not make her question her worth. Someone she can be with without walking on eggshells; someone she can spend her life with without holding her breath. Be that guy. Although your girlfriend does not need anyone to be happy for she is happy with herself, you should never take her for granted. Follow the tips above and remind your girlfriend that she is seen, heard, valued, and loved.

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