13 Simple Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special

make girlfriend special
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Everyone wants a special kind of relationship, but many tend to neglect the truth that it takes a lot of work. In return, no matter how in love a couple is, they eventually get tired of each other and start growing apart. It is painful and can be traumatic, but it should not have to. By doing the right thing, such as showing appreciation to your girlfriend, you can expect a good outcome for the relationship.

It is actually about the little things. Keep your relationship loving by reminding her that she is the most special human in your life. Consider the following simple ways to make your girlfriend feel special.


1. Practice honesty.

No relationship can go further without it. After all, how do you bring yourself to say you love the person if you do not realize they deserve the truth? You get to show how much you value your girlfriend by being open about your thoughts and emotions. However, it does not mean that you should not be conscious of her feelings. You have to choose the right words and stay respectful.

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2. Give her compliments.

Your girlfriend might be that kind of woman who does need validation from anyone, but that should not stop you from telling her how amazing and beautiful she is. Sometimes, no matter how we want to believe that we have to be confident on our own, it is nice to hear compliments, especially from the people we love. But of course, you have to be honest. Do not just say it for the sake of it. She would appreciate it more when she feels you are genuine and sincere with your words.

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3. Think about her well-being.

It is natural for people to look for someone who knows how to listen. Although most guys are aware of it, the question is, do they understand its extent? Sometimes, people do not need anything else but just someone who will be there and listen in silence as she shares her concerns and issues. Not necessarily someone who would reprimand her or tell her what to do.

Offer some of your time to listen. Hear out her complaints. You do not need to say anything. Being there and showing her that you care is enough to make her feel special.


4. Surprise her.

Surprising your girlfriend does not always mean buying material things for her. Often, the only thing you need is a little effort and a random act of kindness. Doing it in times when she least expects it will make her feel loved and cared for. Embrace her from behind while she cooks, tell her how cute she is, and express your affection. You can also send her a sweet text message or prepare breakfast in bed. You have to be creative and break the traditional relationship routines.


5. Invite her out.

It is crucial to keep the relationship exciting and fun. You may be together for quite some time, but it is not an excuse to stop taking her out on a date. Do it regularly. Visit your favorite places or those you have never been to and enjoy yourselves. Do not let her assume that she is no longer an integral part of your life. Plan that trip and make her feel that you still look forward to your quality time together.


6. Treat her with respect.

Respecting your girlfriend (and every woman) is one of the best ways to prove your love. I know there are days when you get into a heated argument, and you could not hold your temper anymore, but that should not give you the free pass to violate her. No matter what issues you get into, do not ever lay your hands on her. Do not be verbally abusive as well.

Whether it is her fault or not, you have no right to harass your girlfriend (and all women). There is no justification for it. Remember, how you treat women speaks volumes of your character. Show respect and dignity all the time.

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7. Please do not make her do something she does not want.

It will be very unattractive if you force your girlfriend to do something she is not comfortable with just for your own gain or pleasure. Keep in mind that no means no. There might be instances when she cannot tell you directly, so you have to listen to her mood and body language. And once you see that she disagrees with it, stop and do not insist.

Do not try to do something in an attempt to pressure her to submit. Forcing her not only results in resentment, but it also means you do not respect her decisions and preferences.


8. Do not make comparisons.

Comparing your girlfriend to other women might be one of the biggest mistakes to make. Never get into this trap. It will only make your girlfriend feel bad about herself. It can even destroy her self-esteem. Of course, it is normal to find others attractive, but saying comments about them to compare them to her is unnecessary.

You are free to appreciate other people but do not make it sound like they are better than your partner. Of all people, you should be the last to insult her.


9. Say sorry when you need to.

Fights and misunderstandings are normal in a relationship. However, when you make mistakes, it is important to recognize them and apologize. Do not make things harder for the both of you. Admit that you did something wrong, and be sure you never do it again.

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10. Pay attention.

This may sound cliche, but it’s true when they say it’s the little things that matter most. Do not let them go unnoticed. It is easy to show your affection if you take note of them. It will make your girlfriend feel that you care about the tiniest details she says or does. The little things also include holding her hand, playing her favorite songs, the important dates (even her family’s birthdays), etc.


11. Be her safe space.

Your relationship should make your girlfriend feel that she will always have someone to run to. Be the kind of person she feels safe with. Let her know that she can trust you about anything and that your arms are always open every time she needs some comfort. Be her respite in this chaotic world.

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12. Do your chores.

Never believe in the false idea that it is a woman’s duty to clean after your mess. If you are living together, do your household tasks. Gender roles should no longer be acceptable. Give your girlfriend time for herself. It can only be achieved if you promote equality in the relationship.


13. Never stop her dreams.

Loving should not be possessive. You have to allow your girlfriend to achieve her goals or focus on her career, even if that means she has to be physically away from you. Give her the freedom to do what she wants for herself. A relationship that has no support for each other’s dreams is not healthy at all.


Final thoughts

Making your girlfriend feel special should not feel like a chore. Although it is normal to experience a phase when the relationship becomes tasteless, you can always do many things to bring back its flavor. I hope the tips above will help you sustain a special kind of relationship.

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