25 Ways to Truly Love Your Partner in a Relationship

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Are you wondering how you can be a better boyfriend or girlfriend? Well, every person has a different way of showing affection. There is no perfect partner, and there is always room for improvement to be a better one.

However, there are many ways a person can do to love their partner in a relationship truly. They are simple and effective. You can learn some of them.


1. Invest time.

The best way to nurture your love for your partner is by spending time with the person. Even if you are busy, do not neglect your time together. Set regular dates every week. If you are in a long-distance relationship, make sure to communicate regularly.


2. Check on your partner regularly.

Loving your partner means caring for them. Therefore, it would be natural to care about their welfare. Even if you are not together physically, find time to check on how your partner is doing. Ask how they are physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.


3. Express your affection even in small ways.

You can let your partner feel your love in little ways. You can send them sweet messages, reminding them of your love. You can also surprise them with gifts on ordinary days. Or you can simply help clean their home.


4. Be gentle and patient.

Avoid being rude to your partner, even if you are angry. Always be gentle and slow to anger. Never raise your voice at the person or use harsh words that you can never take back. Your girlfriend or boyfriend is not perfect, so be patient with them.

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5. Support your partner’s goals and aspirations.

Another way to love your partner is by being supportive. Be their no. 1 encourager to achieve their dreams. You have to believe in your boyfriend or girlfriend and help them in any way to be closer to their goals.


6. Celebrate your partner’s success.

Part of being supportive is being with your partner in every milestone. Initiate celebrating their success, no matter how small it is. This is also one way of encouraging the person to continue reaching for their goals.


7. Be thoughtful and sweet.

Do not forget the special dates in your relationship. Of course, those include your anniversary, birthdays, and other special occasions. Moreover, you can surprise them at those events. Or you can give them special presents or sweet love letters.


8. Love everyone important to your partner.

If you truly love your partner, you will also value the people that they value. Thus, make an effort to spend time and be close with their loved ones. You must consider their family like your own family too. Of course, you should not forget about your partner’s friends. Get to know them and hang out with the gang as well.


9. Flaunt your partner to the world.

Be proud of your boyfriend or girlfriend. That is one way of making them feel loved. Introduce your partner to your family and friends. Also, do not hide your relationship on social media. When in public, do not shy away from holding your partner’s hand.


10. Be honest and faithful.

If you love your partner, you will choose to be true to them. Value the person’s trust by being honest and faithful all the time. Avoid lying and seeing others behind their back.

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11. Humbly apologize when you are wrong.

Humility is also essential in love. Therefore, always be humble in your relationship, especially whenever you have made mistakes. Admit that you are wrong and sincerely apologize for it.

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12. Serve peace offerings whenever you have a misunderstanding.

When you are not on good terms, do not wait for your partner always to make the first move for peace. Initiate reconciliation by giving or doing something for your boyfriend or girlfriend. You can send them some tasty snacks or sing their favorite song.


13. Forgive and forget.

Since your partner is not perfect, expect that they will commit mistakes from time to time. When these happen, be willing to forgive them and give them a second chance. Also, decide to bury those past mistakes and do not bring them up again.

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14. Involve your partner more in your life.

Let your partner feel needed and valued by involving them in your daily life. Not that you have to be together all the time but let them know that they are always welcome to join you in your activities.


15. Be grateful and appreciative.

Another important way to love your partner is by letting them know how thankful you are for their love. Thank them for every little thing they do for your relationship. Appreciate their efforts, no matter how small they are.


16. Let your partner know that you care.

Every time your partner has a problem, take the initiative to ask how they are and how you can help. Let them know that you are worried about them too. Assure the person that you are always there for them.


17. Be willing to compromise.

To make your relationship smoother, there are times that you need to compromise. You and your partner should meet halfway to solve the issues for the things you disagree with.


18. Sacrifice if needed.

Aside from compromising, love will require you to sacrifice some things too. These are the things that often cause you misunderstandings. For instance, if you love partying with friends at bars and it makes your partner jealous and angry, you better decide to give up the habit.


19. Learn your partner’s love language.

Each person has a different love language. If you want to know how you can please and take care of your partner better, you have to learn their love language.


20. Be a good influence.

If you love your partner, you will always want what is best for them. Therefore, make it a goal to influence them positively. That means you have to give up your unhealthy habits and replace them with productive ones that you can enjoy together.

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21. Set long-term goals.

True love is not near-sighted. It always involves the future. If you really love your boyfriend or girlfriend, include them in your plans. It means that you will have to consider marrying the person and building a home together.


22. Do not give up on your partner easily.

If a time comes that your partner takes a wrong turn in life, do not let go of them immediately. That is the time the person needs you the most. Be patient and encourage your boyfriend or girlfriend to do what is right and fix their life. Assure the person that you are willing to help.


23. Love unconditionally.

True love does not demand anything in return. Do not set standards for your partner to meet. Accept your girlfriend or boyfriend for what they are and stop making conditions for you to stay in the relationship.

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24. Pray for your partner and your relationship always.

Take your love to the spiritual level. Make it a habit to pray for your partner and your relationship daily. Ask God for the strength and wisdom to overcome challenges together.


25. Put God at the center of your relationship.

The best way to protect your love is by striving to put God at the center of your relationship. Learn wisdom from the Bible on how to truly love each other. Then, in every decision, always pray together to ask God for guidance. You can also be involved in a church or Bible study group that will guide you both to be spiritually mature.


Love selflessly.

The secret to loving your partner the best way is by becoming selfless. Once you stop being self-centered, your eyes will be more open to your partner’s needs and your relationship. Therefore, stop focusing on yourself and your demands and start looking for ways to be a better partner.

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