22 Ways to Truly Love Your Husband

love your husband
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If you have a responsible husband, you are undoubtedly blessed to have him. Many women struggle with their marriage because they have married the wrong guys. Therefore, if your husband does not give you headaches, thank God for him.

Of course, a good husband deserves a good wife who really loves him. If you want to improve how you treat your hubby, check out these ways on how to truly love him.


1. Respect him.

Your man deserves to be respected as a person. It is one way to make him feel valued and loved. You can show your respect to him by honoring his role as the head of the family, including in decision-making. Also, do not badmouth him in front of your children and other people.

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2. Submit to him.

In connection to no. 1, you have to submit yourself to your husband. It does not mean that he is more important than you. Both of you are equally important, and you should make decisions together. His role is to be the implementor of decisions.


3. Be patient with the person.

Your husband is not perfect, and he may have a lot of flaws. Instead of hating him for his lapses, be patient with him. Do not quickly snap at him, but rather gently talk to him whenever he is doing things wrong. Be with him as he outgrows his immature traits and habits.

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4. Listen to him.

He may not be expressive, but your husband needs someone to talk to from time to time. Encourage him to be open to you by actively listening to him whenever you talk. Avoid criticizing or arguing with him even when you hear something you disagree with. Assure him that you will always be available whenever he needs to talk.


5. Show interest in his likes.

Your husband will surely be delighted when he sees you sharing his interests. Get to know more about his hobbies and likes and join him in appreciating them. For instance, if he loves reading books, ask him about his recent reads like you are considering reading them.


6. Take care of your husband.

Taking care of your husband is more than cooking meals for the family and cleaning the house. Go the extra mile, like making sure he regularly takes vitamins and encouraging him to get enough sleep. You can also join him in morning runs or have a new sport together.


7. Take care of yourself too.

Of course, you cannot take good care of your husband if you are sickly. That is why you must take care of your health too. Moreover, strive to keep yourself fit and beautiful. Men are visual beings, and they get easily get attracted to beautiful ladies. Help him avoid the temptation to look at others by staying lovely.

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8. Be thoughtful.

Your thoughtfulness will make your husband feel special. Aside from surprising him on special occasions, make it a habit to give him simple gifts on ordinary days. You can also put sticky note messages on his lunch box, reminding him to eat on time or simply saying, “I love you.”


9. Avoid nagging.

In general, nobody wants to be nagged at. Please spare your husband from it by controlling your temper whenever you talk. Avoid confronting him whenever you are still at the height of your anger. Wait until you have already cooled down and try speaking gently.


10. Do not be controlling.

Avoid being a control freak towards your husband. If you love him, give him enough freedom to enjoy himself and spend time with his friends. Love comes with trust, so assure him that you trust him enough.


11. Have quality time with him.

Spend time with your husband regularly. You can go out on simple evening dates or just stay at home and talk over mugs of coffee.


12. Be his no. 1 fan.

Show your husband that you are proud of him. Whenever he accomplishes something significant, at least throw a simple celebration for him. Praise him in front of other people, including your family and friends. Also, if he plays for a local team, watch his games and be his cheerleader.


13. Encourage him when he is down.

Whenever your husband is discouraged, be available to comfort him. Assure him that there are greater days ahead. You can also pray with him and share words of encouragement from the Bible. Let him know that you will always stand by him no matter what.


14. Meet his need for intimacy.

As a wife, it is your responsibility to meet your husband’s sexual needs. Do not deprive him of intimacy unless you have a valid excuse, like when you are sick. Be passionate during your intimate moments, making him feel still desirable and wanted.


15. Support his dreams.

Do not discourage your husband from following his dreams, no matter how big they seem. Instead, be a supportive wife. Show him that you believe in him.


16. Avoid being a jealous, suspicious woman.

If you trust your husband, you should not act like a paranoid girl who always thinks her husband might cheat on her. Do not prohibit him from talking to his female friends or other ladies. Also, stop making issues out of the ladies who message him unless you prove that something is fishy.

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17. Do not be a toxic wife.

The last thing your husband needs is a toxic wife who adds to his daily burdens at work. If you love your husband, control the need to criticize him all the time. Avoid being grumpy in front of him and the urge to complain about everything.


18. Hug him whenever he is stressed.

Whenever you know your hubby is tired and pressured from work, make it more bearable for him. A simple back hug or a tight embrace can help him feel better.


19. Teach your kids to obey and respect him.

One of the best ways to love your husband is by teaching his children to love him the right way. It is the reason why you must not say negative things about your husband in front of your kids. Instead, build his image up despite his flaws. Also, teach them to obey their dad without grumbling and be grateful to him for providing for their needs.


20. Thank him for his hard work.

If your husband works extra jobs to provide for the family, he must be exhausted daily. Let him know how grateful you are for his hard work. Thank him every day for being a responsible hubby and dad. It will inspire him to keep going.


21. Be appreciative.

Make it a habit to appreciate your husband privately or publicly. Your praises will boost his morale and inspire him to give his best in everything he does. It also makes him feel that you are proud of him.


22. Pray for him always.

You cannot take care of your husband all the time. Also, you cannot shield him from negative situations happening around him. The best help you can give your hubby is regular prayer. Entrust his well-being to God. Ask also the Lord to provide him with wisdom to make the right decisions and avoid temptations.


Be the Best Wife

You do not have to be a perfect wife to give your husband the love he deserves. All you need is to be the best wife that you can be.

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