How to be Humble in a Relationship: 14 Ways

humble in relationship
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No one likes being around an arrogant person. Many people get into trouble with others because of being prideful. And even in relationships, some end up being left by their partners for being egotistic.

If you think you are struggling with your pride, you should start learning humility to keep your relationship healthy. Are you wondering where to start?

Here are some ways on how to be humble in a relationship:


1. Admit mistakes and apologize for them.

One way to prove humility is your capability to accept that you are wrong and say sorry for it. It is not easy to admit that you have committed a mistake. For many, it is an embarrassing moment, especially in front of their boyfriend or girlfriend.

However, if you want to be humble in your relationship, learn to acknowledge your mistakes before your partner. Then, sincerely apologize for them.

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2. Avoid bragging.

Do not let overfamiliarity make you a braggart in front of your partner. Some people feel comfortable boasting about things in front of the people close to them. However, it is not always comfortable for those who can hear them.

You do not need to brag about anything to your boyfriend or girlfriend. Instead of impressing the person, it might result in something negative. It would not just turn your partner off, but it could cause you fights.


3. Stop trying to impress your partner.

In connection to no. 2, you do not have to try to impress your boyfriend or girlfriend. The fact that you are already together means that your partner has chosen to love and celebrate you. It means that they are already proud of you even without your boasting.

The person who truly loves you will admire you for your genuine goodness and affection. It is not your achievements, skills, or social status that will make them love you more.


4. Do not talk down on your partner.

Another way to stay humble in your relationship is by being respectful when talking to your girlfriend or boyfriend. Even at times of disagreement, never ever talk down on your partner. That would sound like you are looking down on the person.

So, how should you speak to your beloved? Always talk gently. Never raise your tone even if you are angry.


5. Listen to your partner’s advice and suggestions.

One sign that you are humble is when you listen to others. It is acknowledging that you do not know everything, and you need the help of other people.

Therefore, whenever you have a problem, and your partner tries to suggest some solutions, listen attentively. Make the person feel that you are eager to listen, and you appreciate their effort. Do not shut them off or mutter that you already know what they are saying.

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6. Acknowledge your partner’s stronger traits.

If you cannot accept that your partner is better than you in some things, it means you are prideful. On the other hand, true love makes you selfless and genuinely happy for the success of the person you care about.

Be humble enough to admit that your boyfriend or girlfriend is better than you at some points. Instead of being jealous, be proud of your partner.


7. Admit your weaknesses.

Meanwhile, it will help if you accept that you have weaknesses too. Do not be ashamed to show them to your partner.

If your girlfriend or boyfriend loves you, they will not be a threat to you. Therefore, no need to fear revealing your vulnerability to them.  There is no need to pretend that you are strong in all areas.


8. Appreciate the skills and talents of your partner.

Praising your partner’s abilities is also another way of showing humility. It shows that you are not jealous of them, and you see their real value.

Moreover, appreciating what your partner can do means a lot to them. It will boost their ego the same way you want yours to be lifted.


9. Do not dominate conversations.

Whenever you are talking with your partner, you better speak less and listen more. Avoid trying to be the center of your conversations. Instead, give your partner the chance to talk more. It is not a competition of who can share more stories and ideas.

Also, be careful with your words. You should not sound arrogant or a know-it-all to keep your partner from being annoyed with you.


10. Allow yourself to be teachable.

Speaking about not being a know-it-all, a humble person is teachable. They acknowledge that they do not know everything. Therefore, they are willing to listen when others rebuke or correct them.

Allow your partner to teach you things they know better than you. Learn them like a good student—with interest and full attention. If your partner sees that you are eager to take whatever they teach or share with you, they will feel needed.


11. Do not compare your achievements to your partner’s.

Why would you compare your success to your partner’s? Remember, you are not competitors. You are supposed to be a team. Someday, once you get married, you will be considered one. For this reason, you should not compete.

Instead of competing and comparing your accomplishments, why not help each other fulfill your dreams? A humble person will celebrate others’ success. How much more if it is your partner’s?


12. Serve your partner.

Having a servant-heart is one of the traits of a humble individual. If you want humility to be part of your lifestyle, then choose to serve rather than being served. You can start living this out in your relationship. Do not wait for your partner to serve you. Instead, find ways how you can serve your boyfriend or girlfriend.

The good thing about having a servant-heart is that it is contagious. Once you initiate serving your partner, expect that you will be served in return. This is how people in love treat each other like a king and queen.


13. Be willing to go last.

A humble person always puts the needs of others first. They do not demand being first in the line. In fact, they are willing to be last.

The same thing should happen in your relationship. Let go of the “me first” syndrome. Instead of waiting for your partner to serve or help you get your needs, why not initiate doing it for the person? Love is selfless, and it makes you put first the person important to you.


14. Be more spiritually mature.

To learn about humility, studying God’s Word and deciding to live it out can help you a lot. The Bible provides nuggets of wisdom that encourage believers to be humble.

You should also pray and ask God to help you get rid of the pride in your heart. Pray that you will learn to see that you are not better than other people, including your partner.


Worth It

Being a humble person is not equal to being a loser. It does not mean that you are not confident or worthy of being looked up to. Instead, it only means that you are mature enough to set aside your selfish ways and put others first.

Humility can help strengthen your relationship. If you and your partner commit to putting each other first, there will be fewer conflicts and misunderstandings along the way.

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