21 Ways to Really Love Your Boyfriend

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Saying “I love you” to your boyfriend regularly is not enough to be a good girlfriend. Of course, you should not love by words only. Your partner needs to feel it through your actions and behaviors towards him as well.

If you want to be a better girlfriend, check out these ways of how you can really love your boyfriend:


1. Spend time with him regularly.

Time is the best expression of love. If you always give time to him, he will feel important and missed. Moreover, spending more time together will allow you to get to know each other better. It will help you be closer to each other as well.


2. Show interest in his passion.

Another way to make your boyfriend feel loved is whenever you support him in his interests. Being interested in what he likes shows that you care about him, including the things that make him happy.


3. Support him in pursuing his dreams.

Aside from supporting his passion, your boyfriend will appreciate it if you support his dreams. Show him that you believe that he can achieve his aspirations. Encourage him to keep aiming for them despite challenges.


4. Do not embarrass him in front of others.

If you love your boyfriend, you will protect him. Therefore, do not make him vulnerable in front of other people. No matter how angry you are, do not yell at him or expose his mistakes in public. If you have issues with him, talk to him in private.


5. Help him improve his self-esteem.

Does your boyfriend have insecurities? Is he not confident with himself? Help him boost his self-esteem. Tell him what you like about him. Also, you can encourage him to specialize in the skills he is good at, pursue further studies, and improve his fashion sense.


6. Let him feel that you are proud of him.

Another way to prove that you really love your partner is by being proud of him. He may not be perfect but let him feel that he is the most handsome in your eyes. Do not hide him or your relationship on social media. You should also hold his hands in public.


7. Introduce him to your family and friends.

In connection to no. 6, your boyfriend will feel that you are proud of him if you introduce him to your loved ones. Therefore, you should let him meet your parents, siblings, and relatives. Furthermore, you can bring him to your get-together with your friends.


8. Make an effort to be close with his loved ones.

Aside from introducing your boyfriend to your family and friends, you must also get to know his own family and friendship circles. Knowing that they are important to your boyfriend, you should learn to value them as well. Therefore, be friendly and respectful to them.


9. Appreciate and thank him for his efforts.

You should value every little thing your boyfriend does for you. Make it a habit to thank him for his efforts to help and take care of you. Let him know that you appreciate what he does by not taking it for granted. You can also send him “thank you” notes.


10. Listen to him.

Communication is essential in a relationship. For this reason, attentively listen to your boyfriend whenever he expresses himself. Whether he is airing out frustrations or just sharing about his favorite television series, show him that you are interested in hearing him out.

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11. Praise him in front of other people.

As abovementioned, you should be proud of your boyfriend if you love him. Another way to show it is by praising him in public. You can share about his achievements, skills, or how nice he is with your family or friends. Or you can tell him he did an excellent job for a performance or presentation with his colleagues around.


12. Say “sorry” when you hurt or offend him.

Humility is also crucial in true love. Therefore, do not let pride stop you from letting your boyfriend know that he is loved. Whenever you have done something wrong, be humble enough to admit your mistake and ask forgiveness from him.


13. Do not expect him to initiate everything all the time.

If you really love your boyfriend, you will not let him initiate sweetness and caring all the time. Do not think reaching out first will make you look cheap. If you always wait for him to call, message, or visit first, your boyfriend might feel that the love in your relationship is just one-sided.


14. Respect his decisions, beliefs, and principles.

Even if you are already a couple, you and your boyfriend are still two different individuals. You both came from different backgrounds, plus you have different personalities. Thus, it is normal for you to have conflicting views and ways of doing things. If you love him, respect his differences as they are part of who he is.

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15. Avoid doing things you know will hurt him.

Do you know the things that your boyfriend hates or can hurt him? Then, stay away from them. For instance, if hanging out with your ex hurts him, stop doing it even if you think it is harmless.


16. Be faithful to him.

Cheating does not accidentally happen. It is a choice that one makes. If you really love your boyfriend, avoid temptations be and be transparent with him.

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17. Accept him for who he really is.

Do not compare your boyfriend to other guys. He may have flaws, but surely, he has attributes that others do not have. Do not try to change him just to fit your or your society’s standards. Love him for what he is.


18. Take care of him.

Another way to show your love to your boyfriend is by taking care of him. For example, you can prepare him healthy meals and remind him to take his vitamins regularly. Also, you can encourage him to be more physically fit by running or hitting the gym together. Discourage him from sleeping late as well.


19. Change for the better to be the best for him.

It is not your boyfriend’s responsibility to change you. However, if you are aware that you have unhealthy traits, such as being lazy, rude, and selfish, you should change them. If you really love your boyfriend, then you would want to be the best version of yourself for him.

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20. Stay with him in his lowest times.

Your love for your boyfriend will be tested once he hits rock bottom. Prove your love by sticking with him through his ups and downs. Do not leave him when he seems a mess and cannot find his way to success. Instead, help him to get up and find his direction.


21. Grow spiritually with him.

If you love your boyfriend, you will also care for his spiritual needs. Therefore, pray for him constantly and encourage him to pray with you as well. In addition, make it a habit to attend church and study God’s Word together.


What love can do

Try to apply these ways to really love your boyfriend and see how your relationship will improve. You can also expect your man to love you even more. Your relationship may not be perfect, but as long as you continue to love each other, your love story will last.

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