How to be Faithful in a Relationship: 12 Ways

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Faithfulness is one of the essential elements in a relationship. It comes with the commitment, respect, and love that you have for each other. Of course, if you truly love your partner, you will not do anything to hurt him/her. Plus, your affection will be solely for that person.

However, humans are naturally vulnerable to temptations. Unlike some animal species that are monogamous, like wolves and swans, humans can be attracted to several people. Without the commitment to stay faithful to one person, one can be jumping from one partner to another.

Of course, everyone who settles in a relationship longs for security. That is why fidelity is a serious issue. Without it, there will be no trust and respect between a couple anymore.

If you want to learn how to be more faithful in your relationship, here are 12 ways to strengthen the faith you have in your partner and in yourself.


1. Stay intimate with your partner.

Intimacy, or the closeness between a couple, is one of the secrets of staying in love. The more you and your partner spend time with each other, the more you become close and attached.

One of the things you can do to stay in love is going on regular dates together. You do not have to spend much on your bonding. Simple things, like watching movies together and picnic at the park, can help you stay passionate about your relationship.


2. Be open with each other.

Communication also plays a vital role in keeping partners faithful to each other. If you have open communication with your boyfriend/girlfriend, there is a lesser chance of falling into the cheating trap. Many cheating cases result from committed people finding comfort in others because they cannot express themselves with their partners.

Healthy communication between partners involves active listening without judgment, sharing thoughts rather than argument, and availability. Therefore, practice openness and healthy conversations with your partner.


3. Do not compare your partner to others.

One reason people are tempted to cheat is the idea that their partners are ‘losers’. They tend to wish their boyfriends/girlfriends were as hot, cool, attractive as others. They think they deserve better partners, so they use it as an excuse to hit on others.

To avoid this from happening to you, stop comparing your boyfriend/girlfriend to others. Appreciate him/her as a person and focus on his/her good traits instead of looking for what s/he lacks. Indeed, there will always be something about your partner that you can be proud of.


4. Value transparency.

Transparency is also crucial in a relationship. While others find it toxic and overly demanding, being transparent to your partner can help you be faithful. Moreover, transparency helps the couple trust each other more and avoid cheating temptations.

Some of the ways you can be transparent in your relationship are sharing social media account passwords, informing each other of your whereabouts, and being honest about what you think or feel.

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5. Do not lie.

In connection to no. 4, never ever lie to your partner. The moment you get busted, your boyfriend/girlfriend will find it hard to trust you again. No lie is too small, so just be honest to each other at all times.

How does dishonesty contribute to unfaithfulness? If you can easily lie to your partner, it would not be hard for you to cheat. You could easily create alibis to cover up your sneaking behaviors and whereabouts.

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6. Set boundaries with people of the opposite sex.

Another way to help you stay faithful is by setting boundaries between you and other people of the opposite sex. It means having limitations on how you treat and act around others to avoid inappropriate closeness that could lead to temptations.

One of the boundaries you can set is avoiding going out alone with a friend of the opposite sex. You must not also entertain ‘friendly’ and ‘harmless’ direct messages from the opposite sex unless business-related.


7. Respect your partner.

If you have great respect for your partner, you would not even dare entertaining thoughts of flirting with others. More than anything else, you would not want to disrespect the feelings of the person you love.

Respecting your partner means avoiding things that can hurt him/her, including flirting with others, seeing your ex, and stalking more attractive individuals on social media.

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8. Be aware that it is normal to be attracted to others.

As humans who can appreciate others, it is normal to be attracted to someone else. It is not a sin to admire others. However, it would be wrong if you begin longing for that person, wanting to be closer to him/her, and wishing to end up with that individual instead of your current partner.

To avoid turning your admiration into temptation, be quick to appreciate but do not linger on it. Do not let your attraction for that person dwell in your mind. In short, do not entertain the thought of being with that person. Whenever you are tempted to daydream about him/her, distract yourself and think about your partner instead.


9. Do not feed your attraction or emotion.

In connection to no. 8, it is not enough that you avoid thinking about the other person you are attracted to. Make sure to avoid the person in general. Avoiding that person means not allowing yourself to get closer to him/her more than necessary. Then, if you notice that s/he is giving some hints that s/he likes you too, consider it as a red flag.

What would happen if you kept hanging out with that person despite knowing you are attracted to each other? Well, surely you know where it would be leading. Just be sure you are ready to lose your current partner.


10. Remind yourself why you love your partner.

At times when you are tempted to cheat on your boyfriend/girlfriend, go back to how your love story started. Reminisce of how you grew in love with that person and your memorable moments together.

Furthermore, remind yourself of how much you love your partner. Evaluate your heart in a levelheaded manner. Ask yourself if s/he deserves to be cheated on and if you can bear losing him/her.


11. Pray for strength to avoid temptation.

Asking God for help is one of the best ways to fight temptations too. Confess to Him that you are struggling with emotional infidelity and ask Him to give you the strength to resist the temptation. Surrendering your heart to the Lord and doing what is right before Him no matter how hard it is will be worth it.

You can also open up to your partner about your situation and ask him/her to pray with you. Letting him/her know about your struggle is another proof that you really want to stay faithful. Your partner may be hurt or disappointed at first, but s/he would surely appreciate your honesty.


12. Fear God.

Fearing God means revering Him and acknowledging His sovereignty. With this kind of respect for God, you will not dare do things you know are against His will. Since you know that unfaithfulness is sin, and He hates it, you will avoid it.

You can only fear or respect God if you have an intimate relationship with Him. Therefore, start by spending time with Him through praying and reading His Word. Make it also a habit to go to church and have fellowship with other Christians who can encourage you to draw closer to Him.


Protect your relationship.

If you are sure that you truly love your partner, then protect it from anything that can ruin it. Be more responsible for your emotions, knowing that mindlessly heading them may cost you your relationship.

Choose to remain loyal and faithful to your partner. Make your relationship last a lifetime by honoring your commitment to each other.

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