15 Patriotic Ways to Love Your Country

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There are many ways to love your country. You don’t need to be a nationalist or display any heroic act to prove it.

Aside from this, loving your own country does not mean that you have to hate other nations or political parties. In fact, you can do this while showing respect and appreciation to other lands in all parts of the world.

Check out these 15 patriotic ways on how to love your country even more:


1. Understand the meaning of being patriotic.

What does it mean to be patriotic? Well, it is knowing and recognizing your country’s history, contributions, and achievements. Being inspired by your love for your country is evident to others. Also, you have the willingness to sacrifice for it.

Patriotism should be celebrated daily, not just annually or during special holidays. You can display this by being a good citizen of your country.


2. Wear something that represents your country.

Show how you love your country by wearing accessories or clothing that embodies it. You may wear a shirt with an image of your country’s flag and other historical figures on it. By doing this, you declare how proud you are of your land.


3. Love your fellow citizens.

How can you say you love your country if you don’t even know how to love your fellow citizens? Without a doubt, one of the manifestations of your devotion is loving the people in your country. You can display this by treating everyone with respect. Be a good Samaritan to those whom you don’t even know. Play fair and be good to your neighbors.


4. Respect your government and those in the authorities.

Honor the leaders of your country. Respect their authority over you because they act as public servants. Despite their flaws and failures, we need to remember that they are still human beings who deserve high regard.

Additionally, your support for their programs and projects can contribute to the betterment of the entire nation. As a local citizen, you can criticize and rebuke them with love if they are no longer efficient in their work. Praying for them if you are religious would also help.


5. Be a law-abiding citizen and follow your country’s protocols.

You love your country enough if you abide by its rules and regulations. For instance, you should follow the health protocols during this pandemic. By doing this, you ensure the safety of every citizen in your country.


6. Join in celebrating holidays.

Celebrate holidays as you commemorate the history of your country. These celebrations include Independence Day, Heroes Day, etc.

And in this pandemic, join your country as they pay tribute to the new heroes of this generation – those people on the front line.


7. Be an active citizen.

Actively participate in your country’s social and political events. Be part of the activities that aim to benefit every citizen. You can volunteer your time to visit impoverished areas and take part in feeding programs.

And if there is an opportunity to share your knowledge, talent, or skills, you may conduct training and seminars. These are some of the ways to make a positive impact on your community. And the happiness that you are bringing to the people can give you a rewarding feeling too.


8. Know your country’s National Anthem by heart.

The lyrics of your country’s National Anthem speak about its historical feats. That is why every citizen must know what the song says, and even memorize it if possible. It is even taught at schools. Both children and adults are encouraged to learn to sing from the heart.


9. Be proud of your country’s flag by displaying it.

Your country can be recognized easily by its national flag. The design and colors of the flag itself symbolize different meanings, such as peace, valiancy, justice, etc.

Parade your love for your country by proudly displaying it for the world to see. You can hang it on your car and other areas to be seen easily. Just be mindful in giving your highest respect whenever you see it.


10. Study your country’s history and the mighty acts of valor of the heroes in the past.

If you love your country, you will have the heart to learn more about it. Study how it became a nation. Understand how its history made a significant contribution to the present age. Know the people who offered their lives because of their love for it. Read several books about its historical defeats and victories. Do some research about its fundamental political principles.

Moreover, you can visit a history museum and other historical landmarks. It is another way to educate yourself about the places where important events happened in the past.


11. Celebrate the diverse culture of your country.

Diversity is normal in every country. Each culture is rich with varied traditions and practices. Aside from this, the people have different religions, mores, and ethnicities. All these contribute to its uniqueness and beauty.

Do not be shy to show the world that you take pride in your country’s traditional music, clothing, and dance. Also, appreciate the exceptional and traditional food that your country has to offer.


12. Exercise your right to suffrage.

Don’t deprive yourself to vote for people who deserve to be the future leaders of your country. Do this wisely and honestly. Remember, this is one of the best opportunities for your voice to be heard.

In every election, choosing to vote for deserving leaders means that you still believe in what your country can do. Thoroughly examine the intentions of every candidate, and do not waste your “one vote”.


13. Patronize local products.

Are you fond of buying imported products rather than local ones? Do you think that indigenous products cannot be compared to the variety of goods from other countries?

Well, I believe that local products are not only affordable, but they also have good quality. More than this, you are helping the local merchandisers in your country.


14. Help your country to have clean surroundings.

Clean surroundings can contribute to a healthier society. We can minimize pollution by keeping our environment fresh and clean. It can be possible by making necessary changes – and it starts with you.

Practice recycling and proper waste management. Educate yourself on how to have a greener environment. Choose composting, plant more trees, and use sustainable materials. Instead of using a car, you can walk or use a bicycle if the place where you’re heading is only a stone’s throw.


15. Be honest with your taxes.

Your tax is used to fund the programs and projects of the government. In other words, you are giving it back to your country to support employment, provide education, and sustain infrastructure developments. That is why be honest in paying your taxes because it contributes significantly to the advancement of your nation.


Be inspired by your love for your country.

It is quite simple to say that you love your country. But sometimes, we fail to exhibit it in our actions. Thus, fill your heart with a patriotic passion for it to be seen by everyone. In this way, your behavior will also be guided by your love for the entire nation where you belong.

What’s more, we don’t have to be reminded every day to exhibit our love for it. It should be natural for us to devote our lives and exercise patriotism. So, be encouraged to love your country – including its diverse culture, food, places, and people.

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