10 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Happy in a Long Distance Relationship

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A long distance relationship is probably the last thing you’d choose if you are committed to someone. Your friends may not even like the idea, and some may warn you it will only land you in a heartbreak.

While it is true that the extra distance could make things complicated and impossible, it is also fair to believe that it can make the simple stuff sweeter and more meaningful. Holding hands, lying next to each other, being able to smell the person — these are just some of the many gestures that suddenly become extra special when you are miles apart from your partner.

To ensure your long distance relationship stays strong and your girlfriend happy, read on for some tips and ways to make it work.


1. Do not be needy.

Just because you are away from each other does not mean you have to require your partner to communicate with you every minute. It is not an ideal way to compensate for the distance. In fact, it may only make you both feel tired of the relationship. Excessive communication can be exhausting. Give your partner some time to breathe. Remember, less is more. To keep your girlfriend happy, tease at the right moment.


2. Take advantage of the distance.

I once read somewhere that if you want to live under one roof with your partner, you have to experience living apart first. Take it as an opportunity to test the foundation of your love and relationship. It is a way to fight the obstacles and surpass them if you truly want each other.

Instead of being anxious that long distance can make you grow apart, have faith in what you have right now. From there, believe that you will get through the experience. It may be hard at the moment, but take comfort in the fact that every waking day is a day closer to being in her arms again.


3. Be clear with your expectations.

It can be hard to understand each other when you are physically away, so it is important to set some ground rules that both of you are clear about. What do you expect from your girlfriend while you are apart? What should she expect from you? Would you allow her to go on a date? You have to be open with each other. Discuss these things to avoid taking yourselves by surprise.


4. Do not miss a day without communicating.

While you have to avoid excessive chatting, you should not go on a day without your girlfriend hearing from you. You know how that would make her worried or suspicious, so you better avoid it. Send her good morning and good night messages. Update her on the significant happenings in your life. Update her still on the mundane things you experience.

To make it more interesting, send her photos, voice messages, and videos every now and then. Such effort may not be grand, but it will make the person feel that you are present despite the distance.


5. Do not start something that can cause big fights.

I may believe that it is not your obligation to ask permission from your partner if you want to drink with friends, but I must say you should at least let her know beforehand. It is not easy to appease an angry girlfriend who is far from you, so it is best to reassure her first.

Being careless with your actions may only make her upset. Do not allow her to feel that she is in a position where she would question if she does not deserve to know your whereabouts.

Moreover, if you truly want to keep the relationship, you have to acknowledge and admit the dangers before putting yourself in a situation. For instance, if someone from the group has been flirting with you, it is best to get out of it. Always do the right thing.

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6. Look for activities you can do together.

High technology is here, allowing us to communicate with our loved ones no matter the distance. Take advantage of it. Strengthen your relationship by doing things together through the internet. You can play online games, watch a movie at the same time, go on online shopping together, etc. It can be any activity, really, as long as it makes you closer while having fun. You just have to be creative and spontaneous.


7. Visit your girlfriend (and vice versa).

Visits are a must and the most exciting to look forward to in every long distance relationship. After all the time you have endured, you finally get to be with your partner and do the things you have longed for. This makes your love grow even stronger and more intimate. If you ever think of giving up, just remind yourself of the day of your reunion and imagine the warmth of her touch and how worth it that will be.


8. Set some goals.

You and your girlfriend should ask each other what you want to achieve. It should include goals for the day and the future. You may have faith in your affections for each other, but you have to recognize that no couple can endure the distance for the rest of their lives. This means you have to have clear plans.

Are you going to settle down together? What is the timeline? You have to discuss such questions, and you have to be on the same page. Even if you have different time zones, your goals will motivate you to work for a future where you have in each other’s lives. They will inspire you both to build a better relationship where your eyes are looking in the same direction.


9. Appreciate your time with yourself.

Your girlfriend may be away from you, but that does not mean you have to be lonely. This is why it is important never to allow your world to revolve around the person. Remember, you still have other people in your life who mean to you.

While in a long distance relationship, take it as a chance to spend more time with your family and friends. You can also focus more on yourself by doing the things you want to experience without your partner. Make sure you build strong individuality so you can stand on your feet and be at peace despite somebody’s absence.


10. Be honest. All the time.

Honesty is one big thing you have to be consistent with if you want to sustain a healthy relationship. You have to be able to express your thoughts and feelings without hiding some parts of them. Be open about your fears and insecurities. Keeping them inside you will only cause bigger problems, such as unnecessary overthinking and bitterness.

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Final thoughts

A happy relationship should teach you to communicate. You have to fill it with help and support for each other. Take note that when something is bothering you, it is better to discuss it and work on it immediately than to be passive until you burst.

Making your girlfriend happy in a long distance relationship may seem like a challenge, but the truth is, it should not be. Your love should make you see what’s best for each other and inspire you to treat the person with kindness and respect. Once you start from there, happiness will follow.

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