20 Ways to be Happy Being Single

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Being single does not necessarily mean you are lonely or miserable. Some people made their choice to be single for life. Others, on the other hand, stay single because they’re not yet ready for a commitment.

In a world where numerous individuals are tying the knot, it is a challenge for some to be alone without a life partner. But for other people, being single is a blessing. Indeed, they are naturally happy about it.

Moreover, singlehood gives you many reasons to be happy. Here are 20 ways to stay joyful while being single.


1. Let go of your insecurity.

There are many single persons out there like you, and not every one of them lives a miserable life. Do not get insecure whenever you see happy couples together. Remember that having a life partner is not the only source of happiness in the world. There are many ways to live happily.


2. Always remember that singlehood has benefits.

When you are single, you have more free time with yourself. You get to be in control of your daily activities, and no one demands your time. Aside from this, it does not cost you a lot of money than being in a relationship because you only have to spend it for yourself.


3. Enjoy being independent.

Being single gives you the benefit of doing things alone, without asking permission from a life partner. There are things you can do when you are single. Also, there are things you can’t do when you are in a relationship. Doing things independently also means that you can take care of yourself because you are strong enough.


4. Do not hold on to your past.

Your past relationships may have caused a traumatic impact on your part, but do not allow it to ruin your present life. As you learn to love yourself and forgive those who hurt you before, happiness can be at hand.

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5. Motivate and encourage yourself often.

Remind yourself about the beauty of life every so often. You have much to be thankful for, such as family, friends, and the fact that you are still alive is already a miracle. You may as well try to do the things that motivate you as a person. Always remember, being single is not the worst thing that could happen to a person. Do not let peer pressure discourage you. Be open to new possibilities that life may bring.


6. Do not be a pessimist.

Not every thought of yours is a fact. Some people are also not worth listening to. Instead of building you up, they tend to pull you down. Do not let their negative thoughts and feelings about you control your actions.


7. Surround yourself with supportive folks.

It is still vital to build social connections with others, particularly those who can be your support group. You can be accountable to them and vice versa. Always be around people who do not just care, but also genuinely love you.


8. Make time to bond with your family and friends.

Yes, you are single, but you are not alone. Your family and friends surround you. For this reason, it is good to spend more time with your loved ones – whether single or not. Since you only live once, seize the moment. Life is short, and you might not have other opportunities to be with them again.

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9. Pamper yourself because you deserve it.

You can travel alone, take yourself on a date, and do some other recreational activities. Planning solo trips is one way to discover and learn new things. When you celebrate life, you make it worthwhile.


10. Live healthily.

Being healthy holistically helps boost happy hormones in your body. Exercise regularly and have a healthy, balanced diet. You can even try some sports if you have time.


11. Feel the beauty of nature.

Nature provides several health benefits. According to some research, people with high blood pressure and depression symptoms showed an improvement by visiting outdoor green spaces for 30 minutes or more at least once a week.

Additionally, your nature experiences can make you feel good. These include the feeling of a cool breeze, hearing the sounds of the waves, looking at beautiful landscapes, and so on.

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12. Build an intimate relationship with God.

While waiting for the right person to come along, this is the perfect time to strengthen your relationship with God. It is a preparation for you to be more committed in your relationship with your future partner.

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13. Be the best person you can be.

Being single allows you to grow as a person. Let your failures in the past make you stronger and become a better version of yourself. Change for the better. It will help you gain more confidence and develop your self-love.


14. Engage yourself in volunteer works.

Having quality time with yourself is great. But it also gives your life purpose and meaning when you devote it to serving others. It is also fulfilling to volunteer and offer service to other people – especially to those unfortunate ones.


15. Find your passion and set new goals.

What are you passionate about? Pursue whatever they are, then you will find joy doing those things. You can also plan out what you want to do in the next five years or more. Determine what those goals are and how to accomplish them.


16. Believe that the right one will come.

Do not worry if you are still single until now. There is plenty of fish in the sea, and the right person will eventually come at the right time. While waiting, why not invest in yourself and enjoy your single life?

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17. Do not compare yourself to others.

You are unique. Stop comparing yourself to the people around you. Someone’s life, whether it is personal or social, is different from yours. Never think that they can be happy while you can’t.


18. Boost your coping ability against stressors.

Stressors surround us every day. It is also inevitable not to experience hard times. However, you can take it lightly while still having a positive outlook on life. When unpleasant things happen, learn how to deal with them.


19. Do not close your door to others.

You need to step outside of your comfort zone and be willing to meet new folks. It can be an exciting experience knowing that you can break boundaries and stretch your territory.


20. Do not feel empty without your other half.

Some people feel incomplete without a life partner. Bear in mind that you are complete and whole even without a lover. Stop thinking that being in a relationship is a requirement to be happy.


Be a happy single person.

Some people out there have regrets in life because they are in a relationship. Others wish to turn back the time because they married the wrong person. However, you cannot deny the fact that there are couples who are happy together.

In other cases, there are single people out there who happily contended with being single while some are desperate with their situation.

So, are you someone who is desiring to get married someday? Or, are you the type of person who has already decided to be single for life? Well, you are still the one who will decide in the long run – whether to enjoy singlehood or enter into a relationship.

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