Is True Love Worth Waiting For? 9 Reasons to Wait or Not to

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Are you not sure if it is worth it to continue waiting for your “significant other”? Or are you already in the process of moving on with your life knowing it is not worth the wait?

In today’s world when moral values are gradually falling into decay, true love is one of the rarest things you can find. Yes, anyone can fall in love, but it has different depths and may vary from one person to another. You and your partner may love each other, but sometimes, the timing is not just right.

After a traumatic breakup, it is normal to get disappointed and distressed in loving again. At some point in time, you may as well lose faith in finding your “the one”. But this should not stop you from believing that real love will still find you. Sometimes, there is no other best option but to wait.

On the other hand, there are times when waiting for someone you love does not really make sense at all. There are several reasons for this. One of these is the fact that he or she is now happy and has already found his or her perfect match.

In reality, not everyone who is in a relationship or married seemed happy. The same story goes with single individuals. So how can you be sure that you will neither settle for less nor let true love gets away?

Is true love really worth waiting for? Here are 9 reasons or things to know to give you an idea if you should wait or not.


1. Wait for someone if s/he has the determination to win your heart.

For single ladies who are being courted, do not instantly give your “yes” to the guy, especially during the initial stages of courtship. Know first if his efforts are genuine. Thoroughly examine his commitment and character. Wait for the right time when your heart is ready to accept his love. Do not rush things because a new relationship that has not yet been tested can easily break.

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2. Do not wait for someone if somebody else will get hurt.

Are you waiting for someone to break up with his/her current partner? Will you be happy if they split up and the person will end up being with you instead?

I believe love is not selfish. If the person is already in a relationship, wait until s/he is single before you come into the picture. Do not ruin the relationship just because you want to be happy with the person you love.


3. Wait for the person who is serious about you.

Please remember that true love will come to you when it is time. Do not force it and settle for something momentary. Do not get an instant girlfriend or boyfriend just because you are too pressured and impatient of having it. Wait for someone serious. Do not give your heart to people who are unfaithful, half-hearted, and not honest.

There are several factors why people are not ready to commit – they are maybe prioritizing their studies, focusing on their career, or finding what they are passionate about. Though they may have a feeling and interest for you, it is still best to weigh things out. Be patient while working to become a better version of yourself.

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4. Do not wait for someone who’s afraid of commitment and not ready for a relationship.

When a person wants to say “no” to someone, he or she often says it in a polite way to evade any offense or hurt feelings. So, be careful with the words like “I’m not yet ready for a commitment,” “I still have plans in life,” and so on. It may not sound obvious, but you have to be aware when rejection happens.

You are only waiting in vain if the person has already decided. They may not say it directly, but you can sense it in their hearts and actions.


5. Wait for someone who is expressive about his or her love and intention.

There are times when you are ready for a commitment, but the other person is not. Despite this, you are sure that s/he only needs enough time to think about it. If you are confident of their love for you, showing nothing but good intentions, then wait and see what will happen next.


6. Do not wait if the person you have been waiting for is already married.

Under uncontrollable circumstances, we sometimes cannot handle our feelings and emotions whenever we fall in love. For this reason, we may fall to the wrong person who is already committed.

Do not just wait for that person to be separated or single again. Always be reminded that there is a lot of fish in the sea. Do not settle for less. Make sure to choose a love that is pure and genuine. Wait for the right relationship.


7. Wait if the feeling is mutual, but the person is not yet ready.

It is hard to deal with unreciprocated and one-sided love. While waiting for that perfect time, it is best to focus your attention on loving yourself first.

And if the person does not have feelings for you and is in love with someone else, move on with your life. Do not waste your time with a person who will never love you back. Always remember that you deserve not just to be happy, but also to be loved in return.


8. Do not wait if you doubt your love for the person and vice versa.

If it is true love, you will have no doubt or hesitation. When it comes into your life, it is meant to stay and last eternally.

Hence, do not settle for the wrong person. Say “no” to a relationship that will only make you miserable. You deserve to experience true love with all its beauty and magnificence. Above all, you deserve nothing but the best.


9. Wait if you have faith in God that He is preparing the right one for you.

There are several things to consider in waiting for your true love. One of these is praying to God that He is reserving a partner that will be your best companion. And God will give you the desires of your heart as you delight yourself in Him (Psalm37: 4).

When the time you are ready, true love will show up. As it happens, you will be amazed at how God can orchestrate your love story.


Be wise in waiting for the right one.

Making a wise decision about how you will respond to waiting does not happen overnight. Listen to your heart and seek helpful bits of advice from trustworthy folks. Be confident that whatever you have decided, will be what’s best for you.

It is indeed a fact that true love is worth the wait. If it is worth fighting for, fight for it. Do not ignore or push it away when it comes. Let it enter your life and embrace the person wholeheartedly.

But sometimes, true love is not worth waiting for when you are under the wrong circumstances. Thus, always be cautious and sensible before considering waiting for someone.

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