18 Simple Ways to Love Your Family

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Familial love is an integral part of your well-being. If you have a supportive and loving family, it is easier to appreciate and love them in return.

On the other hand, a family that lacks support and love can be challenging. It can negatively influence your life.

In fact, a toxic family relationship is one of the main struggles of most families in the world today. So, how to ensure that love will still prevail inside your home? Well, if you desire to manifest this kind of love, do not make things complicated.

Here are 18 simple ways to love your family:


1. Be physically loving and affectionate.

Express your love in words and actions. It simply shows how much you value them. Give them your warm hugs and kisses whenever possible. Every day, remind them that they are special by saying it in words. Do not be shy to display your physical affection.


2. Encourage them to live healthily.

Health is a vital part of our lives. That is why we need to take care of it to live happily and longer.

For this reason, help your family to pursue a healthy lifestyle by leading an example. Prepare hearty meals and snacks. Urge them to do some workouts too. You may organize a Zumba class or make a schedule for an exercise program.


3. Respect each family member.

Respect comes in many forms. Honor the authority of your parents as heads of the family. Do not be rude to them. Treat your siblings right, and do not act as if you are better than them. And if you are already a parent, discipline your children with love.

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4. Stop blaming and grant forgiveness.

Understand that no family is perfect. Unforgiveness is the reason why some relationships don’t work.

So, when a family member has offended or hurt you, learn to forgive him/her. Do not ruin your relationship with that person by having an unforgiving heart.


5. Sincerely apologize when you are wrong.

Acknowledging your own mistakes requires humility. Saying “sorry” is not that hard if you mean it from the heart. Even if the offended ones are younger than you, such as your siblings and children, you still need to apologize for your faults.


6. Express your gratitude.

You can demonstrate your heartfelt gratitude by telling them. Say “thank you” whenever they give you something or any favorable regard. You may as well surprise them with material gifts or presents.


7. Serve them happily.

Not everyone has a servant’s heart. In fact, most of us want to be served to feel more important.

But never forget that an act of service is one of the love languages. That is why I encourage you to take every opportunity to serve your family. Help and do them a favor – even if it is just a simple one. When you do this, they would feel loved and valued.


8. Show appreciation.

You can exhibit your appreciation by doing something together that they enjoy much. Recognize each other’s skills and talents. Boost their confidence by saying nice about what they are good at.

Also, show some interest in their personal lives and everyday activities. Ask them about their work, studies, or social life.


9. Love your family by listening to them.

Acknowledge the opinions and ideas of each family member. When they want to clarify an issue, or there is something they want to share, lend them your ear. A healthy conversation starts from this. Do not expect that they will listen to you if you’re not even doing it.


10. Control your anger – even if it’s hard.

By staying calm, it is easier to resolve any dispute or conflict. Whenever they become so annoying, try to cool down your temper. Do not get mad easily. Understand where they are coming from. You can do this by doing some breathing techniques using your nose, mouth, and diaphragm.


11. Enjoy their company.

If you relish the company of your friends, you should enjoy more being with your family. Savor each moment with them. Do enjoyable activities together, such as traveling, camping, playing games, watching movies, having a picnic, and so on. Make meaningful memories with them that would last.


12. Develop healthy communication with each other.

Without good communication, it would be hard for any relationship to endure. That is why family love thrives when there are healthy conversations among each member. This can be shown through gestures and words.

Sometimes, you don’t need to talk to convey your support and concern to your family. You can also express it through eye contact, hugs, or facial expressions.


13. Have the initiative.

A person who initiates something without being told is admired by many. For instance, when there are special gatherings or events, you don’t need to be reminded of your responsibilities. Make an effort to help out not to impress but to offer service.

But you can also do this even during ordinary days. You can volunteer to do some house chores, cook a delectable meal for your wife/mom, or ask your dad if he needs help with something.


14. Manage your schedule well.

Time is another love language. Some individuals simply feel loved when a family member makes an effort to spend time with them. When parents don’t have time to keep a healthy family bond, their children often suffer. The same story goes when other members of the family become so busy with their own lives.

That is why no matter how tight your schedule is, make time for your family. It is important to build a strong connection, and of course, to be fully aware if there is a problem that needs resolution.


15. Give generously.

Be willing to give and share unstintingly. As you receive love from them, give it in return openhandedly. If you feel awkward demonstrating it, look for a way that makes you comfortable in expressing it.

Learn to share your things with them too. And if you want to offer them any material gift or service, give them nothing but the best because they deserve it.


16. Do not compete with them and embrace their uniqueness.

Do not set competitions in the family. Celebrate each one’s achievement and comfort them when they fail. Stop being jealous when you are not treated the way others are.

And if you are a parent, avoid making comparisons among your children. Learn to understand that each family member has individual differences. Thus, each one of you has unique needs too. You have an exceptional relationship with each member. Work on improving this to bring harmony, peace, and love.


17. Be kind to them.

Being kind to one another is a simple way to establish a healthy family love. So, be kind to each one of them. And as you led by example, you might as well encourage them to do the same.


18. Never give up on them.

No matter how toxic your relationship with some family members is, do not give up easily. That is one characteristic of your love for them. It perseveres despite the hardship and trials in life.


Build a healthy family love.

Some of us have an abusive and unsupportive family. But don’t make it a reason not to establish a strong family love when we already have our own.

Do not wait for a grand event or special day to express how much your family means to you. Every day is an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with them.

Start showing love today through your simple gestures and loving glances. If you are not comfy in saying “I love you”, let your actions speak louder than words.

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