13 Great Ways to Truly Love God

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Who do you love most in your life? Well, if your answer is God, can you assess the level of intimacy in your relationship with Him?

Not everyone has a relationship with God. And believers also have different levels of closeness with Him. Some Christians love Him wholeheartedly, while others are halfhearted in their affection towards Him. For this reason, how can you fall even more deeply in love with the Sovereign Deity?

Well, the Bible tells us clearly in Mark 12:30 that loving God requires our entire being and every aspect of daily life – including our heart, soul, mind, and strength. The heart is comprised of our drives, motives, affections, desires, and passion. While the soul is an eternal being and is exactly the breath of life, the mind encompasses our way of thinking and reasoning. Strength simply means our capability, power, and physical energy.

In our relationships with other people, it is often easier to show our love towards them. It is because we can see and touch them personally. But how about our Creator? How can we display our love if we can neither perceive nor grasp Him in the physical realm?

To do this, here are 13 great ways to love God truly and strengthen our relationship with Him:


1. Make Him your priority.

Evaluate what you value in life because your heart follows after it. The Scriptures warn us that our heart is in line with where our treasure is. That is why you have to identify your priorities in life. Is it God, career, wealth, fame, family, or happiness?

Above all other things, your greatest treasure should be God. He must be your number one priority in this world. And by making Him first in your life, everything else is nothing compared to having Him.


2. Know Him by studying the Scriptures.

Falling in love with someone starts with knowing who the person is. This is the same with your relationship with God. You need to learn about Him – His character, attributes, and great love for you. It is possible when you read the Bible actively. Have the thirst and hunger to know Him more by not just reading His Word, but also by studying it.


3. Always pray.

In every relationship, communication is important. It helps to strengthen the bond and make the state of connectedness long-lasting.

Since prayer is your way to communicate with God, you should develop a consistent prayer habit. It is your means to express your thanksgiving and adoration to the Lord. Also, you can pour out your disappointments and present your requests through prayer. And as you constantly talk with Him, your love grows stronger every day.


4. Worship Him in spirit and truth.

Whether we are out of tune or not, we can’t deny the fact that music is part of our lives. And oftentimes, we can’t help but sing when we are in love. We sing and dedicate some beautiful songs to the people we love, such as our parents, friends, siblings, and life partner.

It is the same when you worship the Lord. You bless and magnify His name whenever you sing praises to Him. And as you glorify and exalt God, it only displays how you love Him truly.


5. Listen and be obedient to His Word.

Reading and studying the Bible is not enough to prove how you love God. You also need to be sensitive to His voice and obey His commands. Love is associated with obedience. If you are obedient to God, your love for Him is very evident.


6. Love His people.

You cannot say you love God without loving His people. He has always been so loving to the inhabitants of the earth. Remember what the Bible says in 1 John 4:19 that He was the first one to love us. This is the basic foundation for why we can love others genuinely.


7. Always think and talk about Him.

When you love God, you keep on thinking about Him all the time. You always remember His wonderful works. Also, you can’t help telling others about His goodness and faithfulness. As a result, sharing your faith with other people is easier because you boast in His great love.


8. Love Him more than anyone else.

God should not be “second” in your life. Instead, you must love Him more than your spouse, parents, and children. He does not deserve a kind of love that is halfhearted.


9. Make godly decisions.

Every day, there are multiple decisions you need to come up with – from the moment you wake up until your bedtime. That is why you should include God in every choice you make. Ask His guidance first before you decide on something. Make sure that you follow His will simply because it determines how much you love and honor Him.


10. Be humble in your speech and attitude.

The way we treat others and how we say things can directly reflect our spiritual lives. When we say bad words and hurt our peers, it works against our love for God.

Be reminded that humility is one of the attributes of God. So, when we embrace this trait, we can easily show our love for Him.


11. Fix your eyes on His finished work.

The sacrifice that Jesus did on the cross is an act of His great love for us. That is why you need to teach yourself to keep your eyes on His finished work. By doing this, you won’t lose track of the reason for loving God in return. As you dwell on the cross, it is not difficult to express your love for Him.


12. Stop being worldly.

You cannot love God while loving the world and its earthly things. God’s ways are contrary to the ways of the world. He has His standards of living. The Bible teaches and guides us on how to live in all godliness while here on earth. That is why we are encouraged to reject worldly mentalities by setting our minds on the things above.


13. Do things for His glory.

Loving God means that you fully surrender your all to Him. And as a result, everything you do is for His glory. You no longer live for your selfish desires.


Unreserved love for God is always possible.

Falling deeply in love with God is not impossible if your heart, soul, mind, and strength are all set to Him. Love Him exclusively with all your heart. Find your greatest satisfaction by loving him with all your soul too. Decide to follow and obey His command by loving Him with all your mind. Lastly, step out in faith and be persistent through trials by loving Him with all your strength.

Your love for God won’t grow instantly and thrive with just the snap of your fingers. Cultivate it by seeking Him first and doing things according to His will.

Because it was God who loved us first, loving Him in return is just a manifestation of our response to Him. When we experience His steadfast love for us, it is easier to love Him more. And this love is completely given without holding anything back.

So, at what level are you now in your relationship with God? Do you struggle to express your love for Him? Or are you falling even more deeply in love with Him?

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