20 Clear Signs of Fake Love

Signs of fake love
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Do you know the signs of fake love? If you’re in a current relationship you might be curious to test if your partner’s love is genuine. If you’re still single and looking for a relationship that will last a lifetime, it’s wise to know how to recognize someone who can give you true love. And if you are planning to get married and have a happy family, you might want to tie the knot with someone who will not only love and protect you but also your children and the whole family.

Everybody needs love. Whether you need love for your relationship, family, spirituality, or just yourself, here are 20 clear signs of fake love that you should know to ensure that everything is real.


1. There’s no self-love. 

It is fake love if people say they love someone but hate themselves. They cannot truly love others if they cannot even love themselves. 

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2. Growth doesn’t happen.

It’s not real love if it doesn’t make people better persons. A genuine love is supposed to nurture people personally, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually — not ruin their good character.


3. There is no word of honor. 

It’s a sign of fake love if words are not inconsistent and promises are broken.


4. They don’t like the truth.

It is apparently not true love if they are afraid of the truth. Remember that true love rejoices with the truth.


5. They serve money rather than love.

You cannot serve both love and money at the same time. If they prioritize money and other material things over you, then it’s not true love. Love is spiritual.


6. They are unkind.

It is fake love if they hurt you physically, emotionally, and mentally instead of helping you. It’s not real love if they harm you with lies, rudeness, greed, and other bad manners.


7. They disrespect you.

Their love is not genuine if they ignore your feelings, thoughts, opinions, situation, reaction, and position. True love should respect and honor you.

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8. They don’t understand you.

It’s fake love if they don’t make an effort to know you. It’s false love if they don’t understand both your happiness and sadness or your joy and pain.


9. There is injustice.

Love is unreal if it doesn’t do justice to people. It’s not true love if it tolerates wickedness and doesn’t make things right.


10. They cannot forgive.

It’s not easy to forgive. It’s hard to forgive others for the bad things they’ve done to us. And that’s what makes true love rare. If they cannot do what’s difficult or what’s beyond their comfort, then it’s a sign of fake love.


11. They’re not humble.

If they talk more than listen, regard themselves more than their loved ones, pull others down to bring themselves up, and always make themselves the center of attention and recognition, then it could be a sign of fake love.

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12. Patience is not produced.

Love, no matter the hardships it faced, always bears patience. If in times of trials and troubles, their characters are corrupted instead of strengthened, then their love may be untrue. Remember that love is not easily angered.


13. There are false fears.

Loving is giving love, not receiving love. People who genuinely love give love without expecting to be loved in return. This is why they are neither afraid nor insecure. If they can’t give you their trust and confidence, then it’s a sign of fake love.


14. There are no virtues.

It’s a sign of fake love if they treat you with bad manners, such as disrespect, dishonesty, rudeness, pridefulness, and envy. This is because true love brings out the goodness of a person. It unites people’s good habits, attitudes, and principles in perfect harmony.


15. There are no sacrifices.

It’s a sign of fake love if they cannot give up things for love. It’s not real love if they cannot break their bad habits or change their negative attitudes. It’s not true love if they cannot practice selflessness.


16. There is no hope.

It’s fake love if they do not hope for you to be better or be successful. It’s a sign of fake love if they always think of you as a loser or someone who’s not capable of doing anything right.

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17. They do not believe.

Love is greater than hope and faith. If people do not hope for you or believe in you, then it’s a clear sign that their love isn’t real.

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18. They don’t practice love in general.

If they tell you they love you, but they hate their siblings, parents, children, neighbors, your family, and your friends, then it’s a telltale sign that their love is fake.


19. There are no actions.

It’s a sign of fake love if people do not work out their love. True love is pure energy. It is a force that can move mountains, kingdoms, and nations. It makes hope alive. It makes faith substantial and reasonable. It is… because love is consistently working.


20. They do not love God, who is love.

Finally, if they claim to know and believe in God but do not obey His commands, such as practicing kindness, patience, self-control, compassion, honesty, forgiveness, peacefulness, and loving one another, then it’s a sign of fake love. God is love, and if they disobey God, they also disobey love, itself.


True love is pure.

Love is powerful, true, and pure. If you know and understand what real love is, you will not have a hard time finding out if someone’s love is fake or genuine. True love bears spiritual fruits, like kindness, gentleness, patience, joy, peacefulness, and self-control. It’s like a tree that will produce a person’s good qualities, and it will hold them all in unity and harmony. You will know it is fake love if those fruits and qualities are not present.

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