18 Ways to be Happy Again after Your Heart is Broken

happy again after heart broken
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Heartbreak is an intense sorrow and pain caused when someone or something you love is gone. It can be the loss of a loved one, specifically by death. Some people experience it when something important is lost like a career or job. But for many, their hearts are broken when a romantic relationship ends.

Not every relationship has a happy ending – it only happens in fairy tales. In reality, life is a combination of joy and sorrow. And it is in difficult times that bring out either the best or worst in you. Some people’s lives have even changed forever.

The healing process of fixing a broken heart is never easy because it takes time. There are important things to remember, practices to develop, and self-care approaches to apply in the process of moving on.

Check out some of these helpful ways on how to be happy again after your heart is broken.


1. Practice self-care.

It is normal to grieve after a heartbreak. But do not let your physical needs be forgotten. Look after your health by getting adequate sleep, exercising, and eating healthily. Meditating and taking a deep breath would also be helpful.

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2. Get out of your house once in a while.

According to research, two hours spent in the open air at least once a week can improve your physical and mental health. You can have some walks in your backyard or around the neighborhood.


3. Share your feelings and thoughts with the people whom you trust.

The people who love you most will be your strong support system. Realize that you are not alone in that situation. There are people behind your back who truly care for you. Sharing your feelings and thoughts with them may help lessen the pain you bear. Talk to someone and allow that person to comfort you.


4. Be mindful of your emotions.

Allow yourself to be human, but your emotions should not rule over you. Break off from living in revenge, anger, sadness, and other negative emotions. Getting even and continuing dwelling in a sorrowful situation will not lessen your agony. Think of your heartbreak as a possibility to learn and grow.


5. Laugh often.

Laughter is often used as a natural remedy to several health conditions. Let the sound of your laughing resonate and allow its healing activity to consume you.


6. Accept the reality.

After your heart is broken, do not assume that the pain will soon go away. Remember, only time knows when it will be. For this reason, do not wait for your heartache to ease until you decide to be happy.


7. Do not let breakup incorporate within yourself.

When a relationship has ended and you find it hard to move on, do not take it as a failure. Find other ways to happiness and stop thinking you will never be happy again. Ultimately, allow yourself to love again.


8. Learn to forgive.

There is beauty in forgiveness, whether for yourself or the person who hurt you. After a painful breakup, forgiving the person who caused the pain is difficult. It is even harder to forgive yourself sometimes. But an act of forgiveness will help you find closure. It even opens a door to reconciliation if possible. This does not mean you disregard the spiteful actions of the other party. In fact, this simply means that you no longer hold on to someone or something not worthy of your time.


9. Do not be guilty when you experience great happiness.

Some people simply do not want to be happy again because of guilt, especially if it is a painful loss of a loved one. That is not right for you cannot reverse what happened. You deserve to be happy and not feel guilty about it. This will even help you move on in life.


10. Remember that your grief will not last forever.

Yes, some heartbreak may last for a long time but it will not be forever. Believe that time heals. One day, you’ll wake up, and your wounded heart has already recovered from the breakup.


11. Move on from the past.

If the heartbreak has something to do with relationships that ended, getting stuck in the past would only worsen things. You may have good and bad memories with that person, but those were already in the past. Being drawn back into what once happened before and constantly visualizing what will never happen again makes it hard for you to move onwards.


12. Form new habits and abolish unhelpful ones.

Heartbreaks may cause several changes in your life. You may need to make some adjustments to your routines. Sometimes, you need to break those practices that only worsen your suffering. Do not just sit back and wait for the pain to go away. Make your first move to doing things that make you happy.


13. Wait for the right time to love again.

After having a painful breakup with your ex, entering into another relationship even when your heart is not ready may be a bad idea. Your worth does not come from who you are with. In fact, you are already whole even as you are – no more, no less. So, always remember that whenever you are struggling with your identity of not having a life partner.

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14. Seek help from a professional.

Sometimes, you should be brave enough to admit that asking for professional help is not bad at all. These experts know exactly how to assess you, and eventually, they will provide the best and most suitable solution to your problem.


15. Let your faith in God do its thing.

If you are a spiritual type of person, your faith in God is a big help to recover from heartbreak. Knowing how much you are loved by Him makes the process of moving on easier. Believing that He can heal your broken heart makes a difference too. Finding great joy after that experience is not as hard as you have thought.

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16. Try reading self-help books.

You can learn from the experiences of other people who went through the same situations. Reading these books will motivate and inspire you to be happy again.


17. Never miss the learning experience.

Do not miss the lessons you will be learning from the experience. It will help you to be better when you experience comparable heartache in the future.


18. Hope for the best.

Hoping that one day, the pain will just go away can help you find comfort amid the impossible situation. Believing that the best is yet to come will inspire and motivate you to be better and better gradually.


Find happiness after a heartbreak.

The way people respond to heartbreak may vary depending on its cause. That is why the healing process is not the same for every person. Nobody knows when will the pain ends since you cannot force it to just stop.

Indeed, heartache is one of the hardest things to deal with. However, it is not impossible to survive this grief and be happy again.

The loss of a loved one, the absence of something precious to you, and rejection from someone else may be too much to bear. But in the end, as your heart will be broken, again and again, it will produce fruits of happiness until you can finally say that all is well.

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