The 12 Qualities of True Love

qualities of true love
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True love is easy to recognize if you know the qualities that make this rare kind of love one of the most beautiful things in life. Some of these characteristics can be found in most long-term relationships. Others can be seen in new love and are represented by gestures of selflessness and kindness. If you are not sure if your current relationship is blessed with this form of love, this article will open your eyes and help you spot the signs.

Here are the qualities of true love that you should recognize and celebrate in your relationship.


1. True love is patient and always chooses to understand.

True love is effortlessly patient because it understands that people aren’t perfect. People are growing and in the process, they can make mistakes. The important thing is to acknowledge these flaws, work on them, and learn from the experience. Remember that you are doing your best to be a better person for yourself and for the one you love. Remind yourself that your partner is doing the same thing.

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2. True love is kind and will always want the best for you.

True love always chooses kindness. This is true in relationships especially if it’s between the choice of imposing what you think should be done between choosing to be kind. Sometimes, you don’t have to assert your ideas if it means hurting the person you love. Go easy on them, especially if you’re dealing with a difficult decision or talking about something that they did wrong. Be gentle and help them understand why you’re upset. Calmly talk about what you can do to help them grow and do better next time.

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3. True love is secure and reassuring.

True love will help you overcome your insecurities in the relationship. Its presence alone can give you assurance and will continue to reassure you that you are with the right person. People often take this for granted. Those who understand how true love and its accompanying sense of security often have the happiest and most stable relationships.

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4. True love is light and gentle.

True love will never feel heavy and exhausting. This is one of the characteristics of this form of love that fake love can never replicate. You know that you are with the right person if their presence is just light and peaceful. It is gentle and never in a rush, especially that it knows that it will be there to stay forever. This, however, does not mean that there won’t be fights and arguments. After all, you’re only humans and are capable of mistakes. True love, however, will make everything okay because it will teach you to face every problem with a gentle and forgiving perspective.


5. True love is humble and doesn’t let pride take over.

True love makes people humble and more thoughtful of the worth of their significant others. It will always choose to uplift the other and it will never let ego or pride control their decisions. Humility in a relationship is something that every couple should aspire to have. It does not only strengthen a partnership, but it also inspires both parties to focus on nurturing the other, and vice versa.

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6. True love is just and will inspire you to do the right thing.

True love will never lead you astray. It will always lead you to the right path and help you make the right decision. You know that you’re with the right person and your love for each other is true when you always choose to do good. Romantic partnerships should not only be about passion but should also be about compassion. Extend your love outside of the relationship and be of service to other people. Be a role model to everyone and inspire others to do the same.


7. True love is calm and doesn’t give in to anger.

True love doesn’t let anger consume it. While anger, frustration, and other similar states are necessary human emotions, true love serves as one’s anchor. When truly in love, couples feel secure and free to express themselves without the fear of being lost or drifted away. This rare kind of love will help them stay in place while they learn and grow from the lessons of their experience.

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8. True love is selfless; it is given with all sincerity.

True love does not keep tabs and keep track of all the things that it gives. It does not count its efforts and expect the same amount in return. Couples in love offer what they can with all sincerity and genuine kindness. They do not expect anything in return and a smile, a hug, or a kiss is more than enough. Just seeing their partner happy is already worth the effort.

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9. True love is truthful and has no room for lies.

True love is free of deceit and lies. It will always choose the truth no matter how difficult or hurtful it is. True love knows that being honest and open about an issue, a misunderstanding, or a mistake, should always be the right choice. Couples who have been together for years can attest to the importance of honesty in their relationship. Aside from building trust, it helps couples overcome doubt.

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10. True love is faithful and has no room for doubts.

True love is faithful and it stays with you for the rest of your life. Couples who love truly experience a level of security and stability because both of them are faithful to each other. It’s the act of choosing your partner every day and choosing to love and be with them for another day. Fights and arguments will also be there but have faith that the strength of your love will make everything alright, eventually.


11. True love is persistent and doesn’t give up easily.

True love is unyielding and will always be strong. Being truly in love means fighting for the love of your life with all you have. If you know that it’s true love, learn to face your fears and take risks. Be persistent and don’t give up on them. Don’t let an argument or a fight ruin what you have. Better days will come. Just hang on there and solve things together.


12. True love is hopeful and makes tomorrow more exciting.

Lastly, true love will make you look forward to the future. It is hopeful and gives couples a reason to keep going. Loving someone truly has that effect on you: you’ll start to love life and be excited about what it can offer, for you and for your relationship. It will not only encourage you to work harder as a partner. It will also inspire you to be the best as a person, as an employee, and as a human being. The magic of true love is that it uplifts the soul and fuels the spirit to grow and expand. It also inspires you to celebrate life and to spread the same energy and positivity to the world.


Let love grow. 

It’s not easy to find someone who can let you experience all the qualities that true love possesses. However, it does not mean that you can never find them in your relationship. Real love can grow, it can be nurtured. However, if not given the right importance, true love can also wither away. Make sure that you recognize the qualities of true love in your relationship. Once you do, celebrate them. Let them be a reminder of how beautiful and exquisite loving someone is.

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