10 Practical Ways to be Happy in a Long Distance Relationship

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It is common among many hopeless romantics to dread the idea of a long distance relationship. They believe it is not going to work out, especially when they need the other person’s physical touch as a reminder that they are loved and cared for. The distance could make things unbearable and complicated for two people to commit to each other. It is not going to be easy.

On the other hand, it is what makes a relationship even sweeter and more special. As the old adage goes, distance makes the heart grow fonder. Each day is closer to holding the person’s hand again after a long, agonizing time. It may be tough, but it also comes with sweet surprises.

To keep the relationship healthy and long-lasting, here are 10 practical ways to be happy in your long distance relationship.


1. Do not be too needy and possessive.

Just because you are far from each other does not mean you need excessive communication. You do not need 12 hours of chatting and calling to reassure each other that your relationship is going well. It is also wrong to assume that doing more can compensate for the distance. The truth is, it may cause your relationship to fail. Sooner or later, you will feel exhausted from loving, or your partner may feel you are taking them by the scruff on the neck.

Take note, less is more. You should not spam your partner with sweet messages. Give him/her space to focus on his/her own life. Teasing and tugging are best done at the right moment.


2. Take it as an opportunity.

Your long distance relationship should be your chance to learn more about each other. It may also be your real test of whether you two can work out and stay committed despite the circumstances. If you truly want each other in your lives, the long distance is not supposed to pull you two apart. Instead, it will bind you closer and stronger because you both know that with trust and faith, distance is only an experience you can get through.


3. Be clear with your ground rules.

Each of you should set some rules so you can manage your expectations. This means you have to understand what you should expect from each other while you are apart. These ground rules will be your basic guide during the relationship. Thus, you have to follow them to avoid doing things that will take your partner by surprise.

For example, you have to ensure that both of you understand your relationship status. Are you exclusive? Would you allow each other to go on dates with someone else? Be clear with your commitment level. To have a peaceful and mature relationship, you have to be open about it.

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4. Communicate regularly.

One of the most important things that bind two people in love is proper communication. Especially when you are miles away, you have to maintain your good morning and good night messages. It was mentioned earlier that you have to avoid being too chatty, but you should not skip the necessary updates, such as what is happening in your life, no matter how mundane it may sound.

To make the communication even more creative, you can send each other some selfies from time to time. You may also try making audio clips and short videos. Such gestures will remind your partner that despite the distance, they still deserve your effort and that they are loved and attended to.


5. Spice up your relationship.

It is undeniable that sexual tension strengthens a couple’s attraction to each other. Your desire for your partner is like a tape that keeps you closer that it seems impossible for you to drift apart. Sex is both a biological and emotional need. Thus, you have to keep the fire alive by teasing your partner with messages of sexual innuendos or anything that you know will turn him/her on.


6. Get rid of risky situations.

When you commit yourself to someone, you must know what will hurt them and the possible reasons that may ruin your relationship. You have to be careful and sensitive, especially since it will not be easy to appease your partner while they are away. For instance, if one of your co-workers is flirting with you, do not allow yourself to fall into a trap. This means you have to avoid hanging out with that person even when he/she reassures you that he/she only wants to be friends with you.

Remember, you have a partner who trusts you. Of course, you should be free to do anything you want, but as much as possible, avoid anything that will displease them or upset them. Otherwise, you will only put them in a place where they feel they have no power to control it. The best kind of reassurance is to recognize the dangers and get rid of them before you get into a difficult situation.

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7. Find something to do together.

Take advantage of technology to keep a relationship full of bonds and fun. You can play an online game or watch a film at the same time. You may also video-call on Facebook Messenger while you play the guitar and the other sings, or you can get on with your work while you see your partner on the camera.


8. Find similar hobbies.

Although you have to understand that your hobbies should not depend on your partner, it is also good to do similar things. You can listen to the same songs, read the same books, and read the same news articles. This way, you gather more topics in common to discuss which will lead to a meaningful conversation.


9. Visit each other.

Visits are what you look forward to, and it is the highlight of every couple who has to endure the distance. You have waited and longed for too long, and finally, you get to hold and kiss the love of your life and do every sweet thing you have dreamt of. Your reunion will be special and extra intimate that it will feel like the first time.


10. Appreciate your time away from your partner.

Being in a long distance relationship means you have more time with yourself. Take it as your chance to develop your individuality. Find something new to have fun with. Exercise more often. Create a self-care routine. Discover amazing places. Remember, your relationship should not make you feel trapped as though you cannot do things alone.


Final thoughts

There are a lot of things in life that you have to experience without the need for your partner’s involvement and approval. It is important to keep in mind that no matter how in love and faithful you are, your world must never revolve around one person. A healthy relationship allows you to be yourself and grow as an individual without making you feel guilty.

It may sound difficult to endure the distance, but if you cannot see yourself letting go of your partner, take it as a romantic experience that will strengthen your relationship. You will realize that it has become a preparation for a better lifetime commitment. If you truly want to live under one roof in the future, then you have to learn how to live apart.

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