12 Ways to Keep Your Girlfriend from Getting Bored with You

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Do not worry too much if you feel your girlfriend is starting to get bored with you. It is expected, especially when your relationship has reached the plateau stage where intimate moments become less and less. You grow tired of the routine, and it affects your connection with each other. While it may take a toll on you, it helps to know that there are a thousand ways to combat the boredom between you and your partner.

Remember, your girlfriend is a human being who also wants variety. Even if she finds content in your relationship, she may still crave something new. That is why it is good not to be afraid to try new things, like hobbies and learning more about your partner. Stay close and bring back the fun again. Here are some tips to keep your girlfriend from getting bored with you.


1. Take care of yourself.

You have to start with yourself first. Your relationship would not last long if you only spend time trying to make it perfect that you already forget to live your own life. Your partner should also do the same. Both of you should understand the importance of prioritizing your respective well-being and mental health.

Before you even think of maintaining the spice between you, it is a must to inspire each other to grow and become better individuals. The bonus part is that your girlfriend may love you even more if she sees how mature and independent you have become!

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2. Stay curious.

While it looks like you know each other too much, it is good to know that there is more to explore about a person. Keep in mind that people only get bored when they stop being curious. So, ask questions. They can either be fun or serious.

For instance, if you are stuck in bad traffic, you can take turns asking each other like “What is that one thing you will never do again?” or “Give me a definition of love in your own words.” It can be anything. Keep it going. You will notice how it will seem like you are getting to know each other for the first time.


3. Make plans.

A couple gets bored in a relationship when the things they do together become a cycle. That is why it helps to have something to look forward to. You have to plan for the future. It does not have to be big ones. You can set a date for a quick trip or simply plan to go running together. Setting goals in a relationship is a way to strengthen bonds and companionship.


4. Go back to how the relationship started.

If you want to keep your girlfriend from getting bored, you can always reflect on what brought you together. It may rekindle the fire that has been put off for a while. It may also be a way to remind you of the things you used to have fun with together. Do not take each other for granted. Reminisce the happy times and remember how you wanted each other in the first place.


5. Stay playful.

One of the best ways to keep the relationship alive is to make each other laugh. Find enjoyment in petty things. Never lose your sense of humor. It is normal to get into a tasteless routine when you have been together for a long time, but you can always maintain the silliness and fun.

Clowning around will make you feel light together and enjoy each other’s company. You will be busy laughing that you will have no space for boredom.


6. Get out of your comfort zone.

What activities have you not tried together? What are the things you are afraid to try? To make your relationship exciting again, you have to do something you have never done before. It can be as easy as cooking dinner together. You may also start a project or small business that you are both interested in. It can inspire you to reach a common goal.

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7. Encourage your partner to do something new alone.

If you think your girlfriend is getting bored with the relationship, it is good to let her step out of her comfort zone and look for something exciting by herself. And that should not make you feel bad. Couples need to have separate experiences so they will not lose their sense of individuality. Make your partner feel that she has the freedom to do anything she wants to try, even without you.


8. Go on a date.

You may be busy with your career, but it is necessary to make time for your partner once in a while. Make her feel that you are not taking her for granted and that she is on your mind despite your hectic schedule. Taking her out on a date is a sweet way to talk and stay connected. It would also be more fun to have a few drinks after dinner.


9. Find a new activity together.

If your girlfriend seems fed up with a hobby you used to share, it is time to find a new one. You may go hiking, enroll in an online class, or do anything that will spark both of your interests. It will not only allow you to have fun together, but you will also be able to discuss new things.


10. Let your partner try your hobbies.

Of course, you should not force your girlfriend to do something she does not like. But you can always invite her to give it a try. Introducing your personal hobbies will make you know her more as you discover what excites her. It is also a fun way to bond with your girlfriend, and at the same time, make her feel that you want her in your world.


11. Spend time apart.

Getting sick of each other is normal if you are under one roof. But that does not mean you have to allow it to ruin the relationship. It helps to be apart for a while, cultivate your interests, spend time with your friends, go on a vacation, or do anything that will make you feel refreshed. You will surely have a lot of stories to share when you get back home.


12. Accept that getting bored is part of the relationship.

While there are many ways to keep the fun and bring back your chemistry, it is also necessary to acknowledge that boredom is okay and normal. This means that if it hits the relationship, do not automatically assume that you are close to breaking up. Instead, please take it as a sign that you need to make an effort to keep it going.

Do not try to find something to blame. Just recognize that you have reached that stage already, and all successful relationships had to go through the same.


Final note

It is important to note that you are not the only couple who runs out of reasons to be excited about each other. Do not feel bad that it needs an effort to spice up the relationship again. Be okay with the truth that boredom comes every now and then. Start from there so it would not be hard to follow the tips to keep your girlfriend from getting bored with you.

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