Can True Love Be Forgotten? 10 Reasons You Can’t

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They say that there are different kinds of love: puppy love, first love, great love, and true love. Each of them would play an essential role in your romantic life. However, there would always be the one that lingers even after losing the person–and that is true love.

First, how do you know that the person is your true love? Many signs can tell you that your love for a person is the real deal, and one of these is that it is long-lasting.

Now, is it possible for true love to be forgotten? I can say you can move on and let go of the person, but forgetting is a different story.

Here are some of the reasons why I believe that you cannot forget true love:


1. It is not based on feelings. 

The first thing that you should know about true love is that it is not a matter of feelings. Unlike infatuation, which is solely based on attraction, love is a decision made and acted upon. It is worked on through commitment and effort. That is why it is not dependent on emotions.

Just like how a mom would not stop loving her son despite being angry at him for stubbornness, your affection for the person you truly love would not change. You may feel pain, hatred, or anger because of that individual; in the end, you still care.

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2. The happy memories will keep haunting you. 

It is not the sad or bad memories that are hard to forget, but the good ones. The most painful part of moving on from a failed relationship is remembering the happy times you had with the person you love. You would keep wishing for time to turn back so you could return to those moments when you were still happy together.

Missing someone you could never be with again would make you hold on to memories. Moreover, as long as those memories remain, your love would never fade. It is like an unbreakable cycle. Your love makes you remember, and remembering keeps you loving.


3. You will always care for the person. 

Even after years of being away from each other, you will always care for the person you truly love. You would worry if you find out that s/he is sick or in trouble. You would always be thrilled to hear news about the person. Also, given the opportunity, you would gladly offer help to that person. In short, you remain concerned for that individual.

The reason why you cannot stop caring for that person is because of love itself. Just because you have separated ways does not mean that you have stopped loving. There will always be that invisible string that would tug your heart whenever that person is in need.


4. That person will always have a special place in your heart. 

Another reason why true love cannot be forgotten is that it owns a part of your heart. Indeed, when you lost that person, you felt like it made a huge crater in your heart. It will always remain there unless that lost part is returned. Even a new relationship can never fill that hole, for it belongs to your true love alone.

However, the hole in your heart will not always stay as a fresh wound. As time heals, it would eventually become a beautiful memorial for the love you will always treasure. It means you can love and be happy again, but there will always be that special place for your true love.

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5. You will always long for that person. 

No matter how much you try to forget, you would always miss your true love. Even if you have already moved on, sometimes you could not help but wonder how s/he is doing. Then, it would lead you to reminisce your happy times together, and you ended up longing for that individual again.

Missing a person you truly care about is painful and sad. However, it does not always mean you have to be desperate for him/her to be back.  It is only a normal reaction that everyone goes through at times. What is important is learning to accept reality and keeping up with your current life.


6. Your love is not selfish. 

True love is not self-seeking. When you really love someone, you become more concerned with his/her happiness than yours. That is why you cannot hate the person even if s/he is already with someone else. You would not even wish to destroy their relationship just to have him/her back.

For this reason, true love does not die just because you are no longer with the person. It is unconditional, so you will continue to love no matter what.


7. You will remember the person from time to time. 

Aside from consciously remembering your true love, some instances will suddenly remind you of that person. Just like how passing a particular park or restaurant would bring back memories that you thought you have already forgotten. Your true love could have imprinted in many areas of your life that it is impossible not to remember him/her whenever you encounter familiar faces, places, or activities that you used to do together.

As time goes by, reminiscing will become less painful. It is also possible that the time would come when you can already bear to smile whenever you are reminded of your true love.


8. It will leave a permanent scar.

Another reason why it is impossible to forget true love is because of the permanent scar that it leaves behind. Just like how that hole in your heart that would never be whole again unless your true love comes back, the wound caused by separation will never be erased. For some, losing your true love could even be likened to losing an arm. The damage stays for a lifetime.

No worries, though. Despite the scar–or the severed arm, time will come when you can function normally again. It is not that you have already forgotten, but you have simply learned to cope with the loss.


9. That person has contributed to who you have become now. 

It is impossible to forget the person who has impacted your life so much. True love teaches people many things. It also helps them mold their identities, dreams, and perceptions about life. Many people even claim that true love inspires them to change for the better and have a direction in life.

In the same way, losing your true love could have a devastating effect on your life. It could either make you or break you. Good thing if you are among those who used heartbreak as a stepping stone to climb higher after the fall. Sadly, some use it as an excuse to quit on life and live miserably.


10. True love will always wait. 

Do you know the most vital reason why you cannot forget your true love? It is the hope that someday, somewhere, your paths will cross again. You may not consciously wish you to be back together, but there would always be that subconscious longing for that time to come.

Even if it is not possible anymore, your heart will still wait–even if it takes a lifetime.

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Love goes on.

You may have lost your true love by your side, but you have not really lost it. It will always be in your heart, and no one can take it from you. Love does not own anyone. It gives without expecting anything in return. Therefore, you can always love someone–even from afar.

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