Can True Love Wait? 8 Reasons It Can

Can love wait?
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There are many arguments if true love can really wait. Some folks say that waiting is an admirable virtue, and they believe it is worth it. On the flip side, others consider it a waste of time. In other words, you are just investing your all in nothing.

Well, waiting for someone to decide and be ready in a relationship does not always guarantee true love. Without enduring love, it may not turn out to be worth it in the end.

Also, you cannot share genuine love with all the people you meet and encounter. Only a few are those who will be with you in both good and bad times until the end of time.

For some, waiting does not make sense because it can be emotionally draining. They believe that those who wait are making themselves unavailable to others and miss out on some possibilities in life. Besides, waiting for someone may last without any definite period.

However, there is still beauty in waiting for true love. It allows you to build yourself up and do other things that will make you more productive. Here is a list of 8 reasons why true love waits:


1. Because it does not mean that you are doing nothing.

Waiting does not necessarily mean that you will just wait and do nothing about your life. It is not all about daydreaming and wondering about falling in love and being in a relationship. Also, it is not about sitting around while planning for your future with the person you love.

Instead, you can engage yourself with things that yield positive results while waiting. You can learn new skills, study again, or even do volunteer works. There are multiple activities that you can do as a way to give back to the community. It also helps to strengthen your inner self, boost your confidence, and improve your overall well-being.


2. Because it means waiting for someone to be with you in the long term.

You do not wait for a person to be in a relationship and then break up if it does not work out. Be reminded that you are not into it for trial and error.

The reason you wait is that you see your future in that person. In short, you see him/her as your future spouse. You are looking forward to a long-term relationship, not just a short-lived one. Although it would not be perfect, as long as there is true love, that relationship will endure and persevere.

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3. Because it is all about giving yourself to the one you love.

True love is selfless, and it means saving yourself for someone. And if you love that person, you would desire to give yourself fully.

Being patient is an expression of true love. Wait until marriage and up to a time that you have found your other half.


4. Because it does not mean you do not value yourself.

Some people say that if the person loves you enough, then s/he would not keep you waiting. They believe that anyone who keeps someone waiting without assurance is an act of selfishness. Instead of starting a new chapter with another person, you are investing yourself in the situation. They also agree that as you do this, you will be compromising your needs and only settling for less than you deserve.

But you can choose to wait while being reminded that you are valued. Yes, you may have fear and worries, but do not waste your time throughout your single period. Develop yourself to be more faithful, understanding, and responsible. You may as well practice doing house chores and arrange other meaningful activities. These will make you a more accountable partner in the future.


5. Because it feels good to know that your future life partner will thank you one day.

Let’s face it. There are uncertainties in waiting. Are you waiting for that appointed time to finally meet your future spouse? Are you waiting for someone to make up his/her mind? Are you waiting for somebody to notice your feelings? Or are waiting for a person to declare his/her love and affection?

Whatever it is, would it be good if your future life partner will thank you one day for being patient in waiting? Of course, yes! Without a doubt, s/he will appreciate how you patiently waited despite the struggles and challenges.


6. Because it is a form of sacrifice.

Admit it. The word “sacrifice” does not always sound good. This is because it often involves pain, loss, and suffering. And many do not want to offer any sacrificial act in their relationships because it gives them a disadvantage.

But sacrifice is needed in marriage and other types of relationships. Just like compromise, it is crucial in building a firm foundation.


7. Because committing to abstinence is a gift for your future life partner.

Reserving yourself for your future spouse is one way to let him/her know that your love is literal and pure. But of course, committing to abstinence is not the only way to prove it. Do not feel guilty if you have been into several relationships before meeting your true love. Life in this fallen world is not perfect, and so are you.

So, if you have failed many times, it is never too late to start over. Your past experiences do not define you. Learn to enjoy the present and embrace what lies ahead with courage.

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8. Because you do not worry about what the future holds.

When waiting for true love to come along, it is normal to question yourself, “How long will I be waiting?” You are hoping for that someone to tie the knot with you, but nothing happened. You are still waiting, and each day becomes uninteresting. Then, you begin to worry if you will forever be single. These thoughts can be discouraging, especially if you have no idea about what the future will bring.

However, be reminded that worrying will not help. Instead, you will get stuck in that situation of despair. It only leads to distress and discontentment. Trust what the future holds. By learning that both you and your future spouse have waited for each other, it is easier to build trust and loyalty.


True love is worth the wait.

Not everyone loves to wait. In fact, it can be tiring and despairing. It may work for some individuals, but others find it to be relatively toxic. For them, why wait if they can be happy with someone else.

But waiting is not only about how long it will take. You need to understand the reasons why you are doing it too. There are several factors to consider before engaging in it. Ask yourself if the person is worth the wait. Think deeply if it is what you want. It is better to give up if the situation is only disheartening on your part.

Indeed, true love is rare, and waiting for it will not always be easy. But in the end, it will be rewarding.

Consequently, when it finally comes your way, it will definitely be worth the wait. You can certainly say, “I’m glad I waited for my true love.”

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