22 Ways to Truly Love Your Wife

love your wife
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Having a wife who loves and takes care of you and your kids is a big blessing. Not every guy gets to marry a woman who is devoted to her man and family. Therefore, if you have this kind of wife, make sure to treat her well and genuinely love her.

If you want to be the best husband, check out the following ways on how you can truly love your wife.


1. Tell her how much you love her.

Most women find it sweet when their husbands express their love. For this reason, make it a habit to tell your wife that you love her every day. Say “I love you” when you wake up in the morning and say it again before you fall asleep.


2. Be a gentleman to her.

Another simple way to love your wife is by constantly being a gentleman to her. Even if you are past the dating stage, it is still important to treat your wife like a princess—now a queen. Open doors for her. Put the seatbelt on her. Carry her bag and stuff. And hold her hand when crossing the street.


3. Cook breakfast for her and the kids.

Why not wake up earlier than your wife and treat her and your children to a special breakfast menu?  They will surely appreciate your loving effort and hearty meal.


4. Do the laundry.

Aside from cooking breakfast, helping your wife with the laundry will also make her feel loved. Helping your wife with the household chores is one gesture of taking care of her. It keeps her from being so exhausted at the end of the day. Plus, the extra time saved will allow her to rest.


5. Call her midday, asking how she is.

Even if you are at work, you can still express your love to your wife. During your lunch break, you can ring her to simply ask if she has already eaten her lunch and what she is up to. Your thoughtfulness will surely make her feel blessed.


6. Be proud of her.

Every woman longs to have a partner who is proud of her. Therefore, let your wife feel how proud you are of her. You can hold her hand in public, post her on social media, and appreciate her in front of your family and friends.


7. Surprise her with flowers and gifts on ordinary days.

You do not have to wait for Valentine’s or her birthday to give your wife a present. From time to time, surprise her with chocolates, ice cream, or cake. You can also have a bouquet of roses delivered to her while you are at work.


8. Hug her before leaving for work.

Express your affection to your wife by giving her a tight hug before leaving the house in the morning. Doing so is like saying you will be missing her the entire day.


9. Bring your wife to her favorite restaurants.

When going out together, make it a habit to dine in your wife’s favorite restaurants. She will be delighted by your initiative. Also, expect that she will be more cheerful as you chitchat over your delicious meals.


10. Love your wife by serving her.

Another way to make your wife feel loved is by serving her even in small ways. Let her know how much you appreciate her taking care of you by serving her in return. You can cook her favorite food, massage her feet, and run errands for her.


11. Take care of her when she is sick.

Your wife takes care of your family every day. However, when she is under the weather, she also needs someone to take care of her. It is your chance to return the favor to her. Help her to feel better and more comfortable. Let her not worry about the kids and the chores too.


12. Appreciate everything she does for the family.

Letting your wife know that you appreciate her caring for the family will inspire her to be the best mom ever. Moreover, teach your kids to be grateful to her for cooking, cleaning the house, and making sure everyone is healthy.  Make it a family habit to thank your wife every day.


13. Avoid criticizing her.

Yes, your wife is not perfect. There are times when she makes mistakes too. Nevertheless, instead of being critical towards her, gently talk to her. Help her improve using encouraging words.


14. Tell her that she is beautiful.

There are times when women feel ugly since they have no more time to take care of themselves. Love your wife by cheering her up and letting her know that she still looks beautiful in your eyes.


15. Give her a day out.

Your wife will surely appreciate having a day for herself. Allow her to have a “me time”, in which she can do whatever she likes to relax—going out with friends, shopping, or visiting the salon. Assure her that you will be in charge of the kids and the house while she is away.


16. Have a weekly date with her.

No matter how busy you both are, make it a habit to have a regular date every week. As a couple, you must have an uninterrupted, quality time together. Giving your wife time will make her feel that you really love her.


17. Write love letters to her.

Even if you have been married for many years, make sure to keep the romance alive in your marriage. Instead of the usual printed cards and digital greetings, why not write love letters for your wife for Valentine’s and wedding anniversary celebrations?


18. Do not be rude to her.

Misunderstandings are common in marriage. Surely, there have also been times when you have been impatient with your wife. No matter how angry you are, avoid yelling or cursing your wife. If you cannot control your temper, just go out and relax somewhere.

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19. Know her love language.

Finding out your wife’s love language will help you treat her the best way. If her love language is service, serve her. If it is giving, shower her with presents. If it is touch, hold her hands and hug her often.


20. Stay faithful to her.

The best way to show that you truly love your wife is by remaining faithful. Even if you could have the chance, do not cheat out of respect for her. Think of how she devotes her time to you and your family. She does not deserve to be cheated on.

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21. Pray for her.

It is not only the wife who should pray for her husband. The wife needs prayers too. Therefore, make sure to pray for your wife daily. It would also be best if you pray together.


22. Be an excellent spiritual leader to her.

God assigned the husbands to be the spiritual heads of the family, especially their wives. For this reason, you need to have strong faith and a relationship with God. Also, be a good home leader by initiating prayer and Bible sharing time. See to it that you regularly go to church as a family too.


She Deserves Your Love

Your wife is a blessing from God. He has given her to you as a suitable partner. Therefore, take good care of her and do not take her for granted. She is a special woman and deserves to be loved.

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