True Love vs Love at First Sight: 8 Differences You Should Know

love at first sight
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Many individuals can testify that they already experienced love at first sight in the past. But some people do not believe in it at all. Is it similar to true love? So, how can you assess your feelings toward someone? Can you distinguish if it is genuine love? Or is it a sudden magical spark when you saw the person for the first time?

To know if it is either true love or love at first sight, take a look at these 8 differences:


1. True love lasts a long time; love at first sight is fleeting.

True love can withstand life’s fiery trials. It does not easily expire when an accident, bankruptcy, and misfortune happen. Even if the person you love gives you both headache and heartache, true love continues to endure and persevere.

On the other hand, love at first sight does not assure you that you will feel the same way forever. Your deep feelings for someone can fade over time. The quick attraction you felt can alter as time passes. Despite this, it is ever-present in your mind even though it is fleeting.


2. True love is considered “genuine love”; love at first sight is not “real love”.

Unlike other relationships that fade over time, true love grows stronger with each passing day. You do not set limits and expectations. There is respect, acceptance, and understanding. You simply put their welfare before your own. If it is mere infatuation or lust, your feelings will eventually ebb.

Meanwhile, love at first sight is a sudden feeling of spark and attraction. More often, the infatuation or liking you have for someone can be misinterpreted as “love”.

It is a fact that physical sensations and the odd feeling of butterflies in your stomach are normal. This is because the strong connection between your brain and gut is triggered after seeing someone you are attracted to. Whenever you feel anxious, sad, happy, and angry, your brain and stomach work closely to activate bodily symptoms in your gut. This chemical reaction in your brain is the reason for that deep, uncertain feeling.

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3. True love is more than physical attraction; love at first sight is often skin-deep.

True love goes beyond a person’s physical appearance. The inner beauty shines out more than just good looks. It is the character, values, and personality that make him or her attractive.

Physical attraction, on the other hand, can also be the start of something special. This may lead to “true love” after knowing the person in an intimate way.

People are more likely to experience love at first sight toward physically attractive individuals. But being fascinated by someone does not necessarily mean you are going to be a perfect match. It is getting to know the person that helps you realize if “s/he is the one”.

However, love at first sight is not only about attraction. If it were so, then we would always fall in love with good-looking people every time we see them.

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4. True love may develop throughout a relationship; love at first sight is short-lived.

It takes time for true love to evolve. Some people were not attracted to their partners when they first met them. They were not even aware at first that they’ll be going to be together in the long run.

Getting to the next level in a relationship requires an investment of time and effort. Some relationships started from friendship. Other folks have to know the person for a long time before they can decide to settle down.

The signs of attraction toward a person you see for the first time include an unrestrained smile on your face, a fast heartbeat, and a body temperature that gets hot. The happiness and excitement you feel can be momentary. Some experienced love at first sight, then it developed into true love. Others, on the other hand, experienced it but did not work out at all.

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5. Everyone can experience true love; men experience love at first sight more than women.

True love exists between couples, parents and children, and a circle of friends. It can either be freely given or received by anyone.

According to a study, men admitted that they fall in love much faster than women. It has been published in The Journal of Social Psychology. Men are more visual while women are more careful in choosing whom they might date.


6. True love sees a person’s flaws; love at first sight is expecting perfection.

True love means accepting the person wholeheartedly – including his or her imperfections and bad qualities. You do not see them as perfect, but as individuals who are subject to commit mistakes. You are not blind to their bad habits and behaviors.

On the contrary, the first look you laid on someone who caught your attention seems to be a perfect encounter. That person will always look flawless, amazing, and beautiful in your mind. You have this idea that his/her personality is as nice as his/her appearance. But just because they are appealing does not necessarily mean you’ll feel the same way after knowing them on a deeper level.


7. True love is not purely based on emotions; love at first sight involves euphoria.

True love is more of a deep-rooted attachment rather than intense desire and attraction. You see yourself growing old with the person. In both good and bad times, you choose to stand by them. You deal with every problem positively and resolve disagreements as a team. Lastly, you continually support, inspire, and motivate them at all times.

Exaggeratedly, euphory is a feeling of great elation. In connection to this, love at first sight often involves illusions and fantasies. It gives you goosebumps while filling your head with a wonderful imagination. Though this new love may develop into a long-lasting bond, still, there is a higher percentage for it to disappear gradually.

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8. True love overcomes life’s challenges; love at first sight tends to totter.

When there is true love, you can deal with life’s ups and downs successfully. Instead of tearing your relationship apart, these trials will bring you closer together. The passionate love you feel does not fleet easily no matter how disturbingly challenging the situation is.

Love at first sight can easily be shaken. This is because the bond that connects you and the person has not yet been tested by time. You begin to feel disappointment as soon as real-life problems arise. Also, you tend to question yourself if the love you feel for someone can get over a time of difficulty.


Love at first sight may evolve into true love.

To put it briefly, love at first sight is not as profound as true love. Though it might happen multiple times, it can easily be forgotten if not turned into a serious relationship.

In a real-life scenario, several things don’t happen the first time you see or meet a person. Though love at first sight may occur to other people, it does not necessarily mean you’ll experience it the same way too.

However, a sudden connection and instantaneous attraction can happen at the first glance. Sometimes, it is just hard to explain but it can potentially become true love. You can get to know the person and a loving relationship could develop. Without a doubt, you will eventually know if the chemistry you have with him/her can grow and blossom.

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