14 Ultimate Signs of True Love from a Woman

signs of woman's true love
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Women show their love in different ways. Compared with men, they are more in touch with their emotions and are more fluent in the language of love. However, their fluency in the language of emotions and love should not be mistaken for softness. Women can also be strong and sturdy, especially when it comes to building foundations for their romantic relationships. They can be your rock, your protector, and your strength. In order to truly appreciate women as partners, you have to know what makes their love and effort so special.

Here are the ultimate signs of true love from a woman.


1. She fully trusts you and lets you in.

Women make sure that the person they’re with genuinely loves them and has good intentions. Only then when they know that they can trust them. That’s the time when they’ll finally let you. That’s when you’ll understand that it was worth the wait and the effort. It’s true love when finally, they open up to you about their fears, their wildest, most ambitious dreams, what makes them happy, what they want in life, and more.


2. She shows you how you’re worth it.

It’s true love when she helps you understand why you’re worth the love and care that they’re capable of giving. There are times when people feel that they don’t deserve something as beautiful as love. While it’s something that they should work on, trust that the right woman will help you see that you are deserving of this gift.


3. She loves the people you love.

True love from a woman knows no source. She will love you with all she has while leaving enough love for herself. She can also extend this love to the people you care most about. It’s true love when she shows how much your loved ones mean to her. She’ll treat them as a part of her family. Most importantly, she will make you feel that you are free to devote your attention to them, without jealousy or feelings of insecurity


4. She balances words with actions.

Words of love and care are not enough, and a woman who truly loves you knows this. Actions should also be present and should always go with verbal expressions of love. Aside from the love language of words of affirmation, a woman will make sure that they follow it with actions, gifts, and intimacy.


5. She is not afraid to be vulnerable with you.

It’s true love when she is not afraid to show you her weaknesses and vulnerabilities. She knows that you will be there no matter what. When a woman truly loves you, you’ll understand the meaning of security and trust, because they’ll show you that being yourself is okay.


6. She lends you her strength while you’re healing.

True love from a woman is often shown as pure and soft love, but there are moments when their love is also strong and unyielding. You know what someone truly loves you if you can trust them to be your strength, especially at times when you’re healing and when you are at your weakest.


7. She does her best to protect you from the world.

True love gives a woman the strength and courage to be protective of their loved one. You’re lucky if you finally found that woman who is willing to be your strength and at the same time, to be your armor from the harsh realities of life. How many times has your woman shielded you from hurt? Do you remember that moment when you felt like everything was against you and she was there for you?


8. When she knows she can be herself around you.

It’s true love when you can see her in her purest self without the fear that you might change how you feel about her. True love does not entertain doubt or insecurity. For this reason alone, she feels confident to be herself when she is around you.


9. She celebrates your best moments.

When she celebrates your wins and understands how the rewards of your hard work mean a lot to you, you know it’s true love. Because she sees your efforts, how hard you strived to reach your goals, and how happy you are when you achieve them. She will be there to congratulate you; she will be the first one to tell you how proud she is of you.


10. When she stays with you when you’re at your worst.

Aside from celebrating your wins, she’ll be there during your lowest moments. When she loves you truly, trust her to be the one to hold your hand and tell you that it’s okay. She’ll stay with you when you’re losing your best games and she’ll be there to tell you to try again. Even if you feel like a failure, she’ll make you feel otherwise.


11. She forgives you and helps you do better.

When you are at your worst, you unintentionally take out your frustration on her. Understand that this is not a healthy way to cope. If it’s true love, she’ll stay by your side even if you’re not being that ideal person. She’ll also find a way to help you understand that this is something that you should change. She’ll help you navigate through these emotions and she’ll be patient with you. Do your part by making an effort to change for the better.

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12. She tries to understand your complexity.

Human beings are so complex and some people are harder to understand than others. Each person is a puzzle waiting to be solved, but not everyone has the patience to stay long enough to figure them out. You know that you are truly loved when a woman makes an effort to understand your complexity. She’ll make sure that you being different is something special, something worth exploring.

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13. She believes that you can be extraordinary.

It’s true love when she has faith in you to achieve the most extraordinary things in life. No, it’s not about being rich or owning the fanciest gadgets and vehicles. It’s about becoming the person you are meant to become. She knows and she can see that in the near future, you’re going to be the best version of yourself.


14. When she wants to spend the rest of her life with you.

Lastly and the most ultimate sign of true love from a woman is if she wants to spend the rest of her life with you. This is probably the strongest sign that, just like how you feel that she is the one, she also thinks that you are the love of her life. Know that you are truly loved when your conversations are filled with excitement about the future and the possibilities of a family together. She is not just talking about it because she wants to make you feel special. She’s telling you all these to give you hints that she has made her decision to be with you, through thick and thin.


Final thoughts

Sometimes, we fail to see how much effort the woman we love is making because we tend to look for things that are not there. There are times when we even look for them in the wrong places. There are also instances when people feel that these signs are not there just because they don’t fit their definition of love. Hopefully, this article helped you realize that you are truly valued and appreciated by the woman you love.

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