15 Helpful Ways to Love Your Work

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No matter how you love your work, there will still be times of burnout and a feeling of dissatisfaction. In fact, there will always be people who’ll not appreciate what you do, regardless of how you exert your best effort in accomplishing any task. Well, it is because you cannot please everyone.

Just like how we fall out of love with someone, it is also possible to fall out of love with our work. There are several reasons why it happens, such as unsafe workplace, disgusting co-workers, poor salary, etc. Anyway, you are not the only person who hates your job. Many out there feel the same way too.

But regardless of how you feel about your work, you still have other options than just leaving your job.

Here are 15 helpful ways to love your work:


1. Find reasons to get motivated and inspired.

What is your motivation to keep going? Are you inspired whenever you think of your loved ones? Do you feel good whenever you eat your favorite food?

Whatever it is, you can be more productive by having a positive attitude towards your work. Look for something that will make you happy as you face the day. Find meaning in what you do. For instance, if you are a health professional, your work matters because you aid in identifying and treating various types of diseases. So, your motivation is to help others.


2. Take care of your health.

Your well-being is crucial because you won’t be able to work properly if you have a health problem. It is also normal to be grumpy if you’re ill or not feeling well. That is why boost your health by eating healthily, taking enough sleep, and exercising regularly.


3. Reward yourself.

If you are not already happy with your work, reward yourself even with simple pleasures. It will empower you to improve your performance no matter how challenging your job is. For example, after finishing a particular task, you can treat yourself to a delightful snack.

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4. Focus on your assigned task.

Stay present and focus on your current task. Do not procrastinate because it will only lead to frustration if you can’t finish the work on time. Prioritize your tasks and remind yourself about the big picture.


5. Manage your schedule well.

Plan and organize your activities. You don’t have to do more to be fruitful. You can be more productive while doing less and prioritizing those that are important. This can be possible by making a to-do list.


6. Take a break – even just for a while.

Taking a break is essential, especially if you have office work wherein you keep sitting around for a long time. Remember, being sedentary is not good for your health. So, take some fresh air and do some necessary movements during break time. Try to relax your mind and body. Aside from caffeinated drinks, look for other ways to invigorate yourself.


7. Improve your workspace.

Make your workstation pleasant by decluttering it up, enhancing its decorations, and adding some air-purifying plants. You can also light a scented candle or listen to your favorite song. See to it that the place has a feel-good ambiance, and you’re comfortable with the setup.


8. Make time to unwind.

One of the reasons why people start to hate their work is because of burnout. That is why it is essential to relax every so often for you to avoid stress and exhaustion.

Be reminded that you are much more than your work. Take a vacation or trip to get away from paper works and stressful tasks. And if you can’t have it, make sure to go out once in a while for a short walk or a cup of joe in a coffee shop.

If it’s not possible for you to travel, you can have a staycation. You only have to be imaginative in coming up with exciting ideas.


9. Be friendly to your colleagues.

Another reason why some people hate their job is because of their toxic co-workers. In fact, it is indeed hard to be in a workplace where you cannot trust anyone.

But having a close and trusted friend makes a difference. It changes your attitude every time you go to work. You become excited and enthusiastic knowing that you have a close confidant.

Whether you are the boss or an employee, it is important to have a good relationship with your colleagues. You don’t have to love them all and ignore their mistakes, though. You only have to be nice to them as much as possible.


10. Do not overextend yourself.

Working beyond office hours and overextending yourself has drawbacks. It may affect your physical and mental health. If you can’t help working late, maybe you can adjust your schedule not to do it too often.

In addition, do not be shy to seek help. If you need support, ask for assistance from your boss or fellow workers.


11. Make room for improvement.

Do not pretend to be an expert on everything. That is why always seek an opportunity to improve your skills and learn more. Try to ask yourself if there are things you need to change too.


12. List down the things you are thankful for.

Practice gratitude by writing down the things you are grateful for. Start with tangible blessings you receive daily, like material possessions. Then, acknowledge those impalpable things you have in life, such as love, joy, peace, contentment, etc. After doing this, you’ll be surprised to know that you have so much to be thankful for.

Instead of complaining, be grateful for your work because not everyone has a job nowadays. Do not take it for granted. Some people even desire to be in your shoes. You have no idea if others are willing to do anything just to have your position.


13. Do not be afraid to try something new.

When you keep on doing the same task over and over again, boredom can strike you. That is why it is crucial to challenge yourself to try something new.

Learn new skills for you to get better at your work. Refrain from your habits that seem unhelpful. Set new goals if you’re not sure about the direction you are taking.


14. Love your work by enjoying what you do.

Whatever your work is, learn to enjoy what you are doing. When you do this, you’ll fall in love with your career or profession even more. Thus, do not hesitate to laugh and have fun once in a while.


15. Always remind yourself why you need the job.

Why do you have your job in the first place? Is it because you don’t have any other choice? Or is it your dream job? Whatever your reason is, reconnect with your purpose why you applied for that position and chose that career.


Enjoy life within your work.

We spend most of our lives working. But don’t let your busy schedule and other pressures related to work rob your joy in life. Never forget to have fun and appreciate how beautiful life is – both inside and outside work.

No matter how you hate your current job right now, you can still learn to love it. Take time to savor each moment while you still have it today.

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