20 Great Ways to Love Your Parents

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Parents’ love for their children is immeasurable. It is constant despite the family conflicts and disappointments. That is why they also deserve to be loved in return.

A mother’s love starts from the time of her conception. Bearing the child in her womb for nine months is not easy. The experience of having morning sickness to sleepless nights up until the painful childbirth is indeed no joke. But it does not end there. She has to take good care of the infant until the child grows and becomes independent. As some may say, “a mother never retires”.

Likewise, a father’s love also contributes much. His unwavering love for the mother and the child is crucial. He does not only provide for their physical needs but is also available in giving psychological support. Just like the mother, he also goes through sleepless nights and sacrifices his time to be with them whenever possible.

Thus, both the mother and the father play an essential role in giving their child nothing but the best life s/he can ever have. Although the parent-child relationship may not be perfect, it is one of the longest connections one can ever have.

As a grateful son/daughter, is there anything you can do to love your father and mother back? Of course, yes. Read on to know these 20 great ways on how to love your parents:


1. Express your love in words.

Saying “I love you” means a lot to them. In fact, saying these words is one of the best ways to express your love and affection. Tell them how feel whenever possible, and do not assume that they already know. They still need to hear these words.


2. Display your love in actions.

Aside from words, you can also show your love through body language and other physical signs. Giving them kisses and hugs is one way to comfort them, especially when they are feeling exhausted and experiencing pain.


3. Say “Thank You”.

Being grateful is another way of letting them know how much you love them. Never forget their sacrifices and the good things that they have done for you. During your ups and downs, they provide you with financial, emotional, and moral support. Hence, thank them for being there whenever you needed them.


4. Love your parents by being responsible.

Whenever you take responsibility as a mature individual, you make your parents proud and happy. Be responsible for your own actions and accept corrections if you have done wrong.


5. Show your appreciation.

Aside from thanking them, you can also show your love by giving gifts or presents. You can make them happy by treating them to a meal in a fancy restaurant or a body massage in a spa. You may as well give them something special like a cooking set, gardening tools, etc.


6. Spend time with them.

Give them your attention as often as possible. Your time and availability are the best gifts you can give them. So, no matter how hectic your schedule is, be there not only on holidays but during ordinary days too.


7. Listen to their advice.

Do not hesitate to ask them for guidance. Talk to them first before deciding on something. It is crucial especially if you are still living with them under the same roof. Learn to value their wisdom because they have gone through multiple experiences.


8. Respect them.

Do not be rude whenever you disagree with them. Refrain from saying offensive things. Do not raise your tone when talking to them. Whenever they commit mistakes, do not laugh at them. You should not demean them. Thus, to treat them with respect, always mind your attitude.

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9. Consider their opinions.

Let them know that their ideas and sentiments also matter. When you disagree with them, perceive the situation mentally and try to understand where they are coming from.


10. Never forget special occasions.

Always remember important dates, such as their anniversary, birthday, and so on. You can also make them feel special when you make time to celebrate with them.


11. Be obedient to them.

Your obedience makes your parents happy. It is usually shown when you do what they say and follows their advice. If you are still living with them, abide by their rules and policies.


12. Celebrate victories with them.

Share your successes with them, and they will even be happier than you. As you do this, you will make them feel loved, honored, and valued.


13. Be honest.

Do not break their trust by telling lies to hide your wrongdoings. And if there is something that bothers you, talk to them about it.


14. Share your problems with them.

Be open with your parents whenever you are facing challenges. Let them know your situation because they care for you. Talk to them about your pleasures, fears, and worries in life. Seek their help if you have problems with your relationships, studies, or work.


15. Do not hold grudges.

No matter how unloving your parents are, it is unhealthy to hate them. Sometimes, they may unintentionally hurt you. So, if forgiveness can save your relationship with them, offer it without hesitation.


16. Acknowledge your own mistakes.

If you are the one who offended them, be humble enough to say “sorry”. Disagreements and misunderstandings are inevitable. Be aware of your own faults and always apologize to them.


17. Treat them well.

Do not be arrogant towards your parents. Be kind to them so that they will not get hurt by your words and actions. Instead of complaining about what they cannot provide, why not appreciate and relish what you have. Do not grumble about something that they cannot afford to offer. Aside from these, learn to address them with love by using an endearment. Never take your parents for granted because they are part of your life.


18. Compliment and praise them.

Express your admiration by telling them how good and awesome they are. For example, say “Mom, you look amazing in that dress”, “Dad, you look handsome today”, or “Mama, you are the best”. In short, create many reasons to praise them.


19. Understand how to be in their shoes.

If you are not yet a parent, it would be hard to understand them. That is why you have to view things from their standpoint. Empathize and be patient in explaining your point if you have any disagreements.


20. Volunteer for house chores.

If you are still living with your parents under one roof, they will undeniably be happy when you help them with the house chores. Offer assistance in cooking a mouthwatering meal, doing the laundry, or tidying up the entire home. Do not forget to help them once in a while though you already have a family of your own. You can offer assistance in handling some repairs in the house too. If you cannot do it by yourself, you may hire someone.


Your parents deserve your love.

Yes, I understand that not all families are the same. Some have irresponsible and abusive parents. You may not have a good relationship with them, but it should not be a reason to treat them badly. They still deserve our respect, appreciation, and above all – love.

Do not wait until your parents are old to show how much you love them. You are alive because of them. We cannot even repay them for all their sacrifices.

Therefore, before it is too late, express your tender loving care now. Anyway, showing it to your parents is not as hard as you might think. In the end, there is no doubt that you can contribute to improving your relationship with them.

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